Dr Farhana Liza

Senior Research Officer
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Farhana Liza


Journal articles (2)

Quiroz Flores, A., Liza, F., Quteineh, H. and Czarnecka, B., (2021). Variation in the timing of Covid-19 communication across universities in the UK. PLoS One. 16 (2), e0246391-e0246391

Ahmed, MS. and Liza, FF., (2013). Efficiency of commercial banks in Bangladesh-a Data Envelopment Analysis. European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences (56), 130-152

Conferences (9)

Liza, FF. and Grzes, M., A Spectral Method that Worked Well in the SPiCe'16 Competition.

Shoemark, P., Liza, FF., Nguyen, D., Hale, S. and McGillivray, B., (2020). Room to Glo: A Systematic Comparison of Semantic Change Detection Approaches with Word Embeddings

Liza, FF., (2020). Sentence Classification with Imbalanced Data for Health Applications

Liza, FF. and Grzes, M., (2019). Relating RNN Layers with the Spectral WFA Ranks in Sequence Modelling

Liza, FF. and Grzes, M., (2018). Improving language modelling with noise contrastive estimation

Liza, FF. and GrzeĊ›, M., (2016). Estimating the Accuracy of Spectral Learning for HMMs

Liza, FF. and Grzes, M., (2016). An Improved Crowdsourcing Based Evaluation Technique for Word Embedding Methods

Liza, FF. and Yao, W., (2009). Implementation Architecture of Proxy Mobile IPv6 Protocol for NS2 Simulator Software

Dilruba, RA., Chowdhury, N., Liza, FF. and Karmakar, CK., (2006). Data Pattern Recognition using Neural Network with Back-Propagation Training



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