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Anam Kuraishi

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Government
GTA (Blended Learning)
Human Resources - Organisational Development
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Government
 Anam Kuraishi



My research interests lie at the intersection of comparative politics and political theory, with a regional specialization in South Asia. In my work, I theorize the post-truth phenomenon, and examine citizen responses to political misinformation in ethnically diverse democracies of the global South. Teaching Assignment: GV217 - Conflict Analysis - Lecturer: Dr. Brian Phillips (Undergraduate; Spring 2020) GV113 - Cooperation and Conflict - Lecturer: Dr. Wood (Undergraduate; Spring 2020) GV103 - Introduction to International Relations - Lecturer: Dr. Alexandra Hennessy (Undergraduate; Autumn 2019) GV100 - Introduction to Politics - Lecturer: Professor Paul Whiteley (Undergraduate; Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020) Personal website: https://sites.google.com/view/anamkuraishi


  • MSc Comparative Politics (Democracy and Democratization) London School of Economics and Political Science (2016)

  • BSc (Honours) Political Science Lahore University of Management Sciences (2015)

Research and professional activities


Working Title: How does post-truth impact public opinion and electoral behaviour?

The purpose of my research is three-fold. Firstly, develop a new conceptual definition of ‘post-truth. Secondly, provide an empirical definition of the term post-truth in a South Asian context using Pakistan as a case study. Thirdly, examine citizen responses to political misinformation in India and Pakistan with the specific aim to investigate the impact of misinformation on public opinion, and the way in which this impact is structured by ethnic identity.

Supervisor: Robert Johns

Research interests

Public opinion and electoral behavior in South Asia

Post-truth, discourse and rhetoric

Democracy and democratization




5B.153, Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Academic Support Hours: Thursday 10:00 -11:30