Ting Kan

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Language and Linguistics
 Ting Kan



  • MSc Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition University of Oxford (2014)

  • BA (Linguistics and French) University of Hong Kong (2012)

Research and professional activities


Development of Cantonese as a heritage language in children: Experiments in phonology and morphosyntax

This dissertation examines the development of Cantonese in young heritage speakers (age of testing 3;10-12;3) in New York City. These heritage speakers were raised speaking predominantly Cantonese at home, but were exposed to English (the majority language) from a young age. The research investigates whether they were acquiring Cantonese in the same way as Cantonese-English peers in Hong Kong, where Cantonese is the majority language, and which factors contributed to stronger abilities in the he

Supervisor: Monika S. Schmid



Colchester Campus