Dr Anthony Houghton

Visiting Professor
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Dr Anthony Houghton



Dr Houghton is a member of the University of Cambridge, Magdalene College with a degree in Psychology and a doctorate in Communications Engineering from University College, London, a year of which was undertaken with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (MIT). He leads customer perception, human factors, CSR and educational programmes bringing together business, university, non- profits and/or schools. His skills include Programme Design and Delivery, Facilitation, Skills Development, On-line Collaboration and Evaluation. The human factors focus is Customer Perception (of product, service and/or organisation), Self-Perception (self-esteem, aspirations and respect) and People Skills (communication and collaboration, presentation, teamworking and leadership). Previously, his Project Management skills include the £15m development and delivery of Customer Service Systems for eight European country joint ventures between BT and national partners. He was also Leader of a 12-person human factors research and development team working on eSCFE: Expert System for Customer Facing Environments with implementation in BT Customer Service Centres and Call Centres. He has worked with Microsoft, CISCO, Pepsico, DHL, Essex County Council, Coventry University, Eurescom, IET, STEMNET, Nationwide, Chunghwa Telecom and Sony in Singapore. He has presented at business, technical, educational and academic conferences in Europe, Asia and the US (many). His academic work has been published and presented in Europe, Asia and US (including IEEE Human Factors, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, International Association of Applied Psychology, International Ergonomics Association).



Colchester Campus