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Dr Edward Hope
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I am a lecturer in Sports Performance and Motor Control in the School of Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (SRES). Prior to my appointment at the University of Essex, I worked within the applied setting for 7 years at Football Radar, and Everton Football Club, respectively. Alongside this, I also partook in several bespoke projects for a range of elite organisations, including FIFA, UEFA, Nike, and the English Premier League. While working within industry, I attained my PhD at Liverpool John Moores University, examining perceptual-cognitive skill within sport. Specifically, my research focuses on identifying the key factors underlying pattern-recognition and anticipation expertise. In addition, I am interested in finding ways to accelerate the development of expertise, through perceptual training interventions.


  • PhD in Sports Psychology Liverpool John Moores University, (2015)

  • BSc in Sports Science Liverpool John Moores University, (2008)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer in Sports Performance and Motor Control, School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences, University of Essex (1/12/2017 - present)

Other academic

  • Associate Lecturer in Performance Analysis, The Academy of Sport and Physical Activity, Sheffield Hallam University (1/10/2011 - 31/5/2012)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Professional Skills and Development 1 (SE101)

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology (SE104)

  • Introduction to Coaching (SE107)

  • Professional Skills 2 (SE201)

  • Strength and Conditioning: Application and Theory (SE210)

  • Research Methods in Sport and Exercise (SE230)

  • Performance Analysis (SE308)

  • Research Project (SE309)

  • Talent Identification and Development in Sport (SE334)

  • Research Project (SE740)

  • Cognitive Processes in Sport and Exercise Psychology (SE744)

  • Skill Acquisition in Coaching (SE762)

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Coaches (SE111)

Previous supervision

Nicholas James Foan
Nicholas James Foan
Thesis title: “Better People Make Better Players”: Exploring the Role of Character in Rugby Union Talent Identification
Degree subject: Sport and Exercise Science
Degree type: Master of Science (by Dissertation)
Awarded date: 25/6/2021


Journal articles (11)

Moran, J., Cervera, V., Jones, B., Hope, E., Drury, B. and Sandercock, G., (2022). Can discreet performance banding, as compared to bio-banding, discriminate technical skills in male adolescent soccer players? A preliminary investigation. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. 17 (2), 325-333

Morris, PO., Hope, E. and Mills, JP., (2022). The non-fitness-related benefits of exergames for young individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. 94, 101953-101953

Morris, P., Hope, E., Foulsham, T. and Mills, JP., (2021). The Effectiveness of Mirroring- and Rhythm-Based Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Systematic Review. Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 8 (4), 541-561

Morris, PO., Hope, E., Foulsham, T. and Mills, JP., (2021). Dance, rhythm, and autism spectrum disorder: An explorative study. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 73, 101755-101755

Jones, B., Hope, E., Hammond, A., Moran, J., Leeder, T., Mills, J. and Sandercock, G., (2021). Play more, enjoy more, keep playing; rugby is a simple game. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. 16 (3), 636-645

Morris, PO., Hope, E., Foulsham, T. and Mills, JP., (2021). Parent-reported social-communication changes in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. International Journal of Developmental Disabilities, 1-15

Moran, J., Paxton, K., Jones, B., Granacher, U., Sandercock, G., Hope, E. and Ramirez-Campillo, R., (2020). Variable long-term developmental trajectories of short sprint speed and jumping height in English Premier League academy soccer players: an applied case study. Journal of Sports Sciences. 38 (22), 2525-2531

North, JS., Hope, E. and Williams, AM., (2017). Identifying the Micro-relations Underpinning Familiarity Detection in Dynamic Displays Containing Multiple Objects. Frontiers in Psychology. 8

North, JS., Hope, E. and Williams, AM., (2017). The Role of Verbal Instruction and Visual Guidance in Training Pattern Recognition. Frontiers in Psychology. 8

North, JS., Hope, E. and Williams, AM., (2016). The relative importance of different perceptual-cognitive skills during anticipation. Human Movement Science. 49, 170-177

Williams, AM., North, JS. and Hope, ER., (2012). Identifying the mechanisms underpinning recognition of structured sequences of action. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. 65 (10), 1975-1992

Reports and Papers (1)

Morris, P., Hope, E. and Mills, JP., The Non-Fitness-Related Benefits of Exergames for Young Individuals Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review

Grants and funding


Exploring the Decision-Making of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) in Football

Union of European Football Associations

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