Dr Anita Hammer

Senior Lecturer
EBS - Organisational Studies and Human Resources
Dr Anita Hammer



My research focuses on the political economy of work and development in the Global South, in particular India and the Middle East. I adopt an interdisciplinary approach and draw on political economy and sociology of work (labour process analysis) to examine informal and precarious work, reproductive work, automation and future of work, skills development and workers’ organisations. I also examine work and HRM in multinational firms (MNCs) in the UK and the Global South which focuses on HRM strategy, workplace control and job quality. At policy level, I engage with the ‘Decent Work’ agenda of the ILO and UN ‘s Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, I am editing a journal special issue on ‘Why is work not decent: informal and precarious work in the Global South and challenges of achieving SDG’ (Journal of Labor and Society, forthcoming). I am on the Boards of Work in the Global Economy, Journal of Labor and Society, and an Associate Editor of Work Employment and Society. I review for the ESRC as well as journals such as Industrial Relations Journal, International Journal of HRM, Human Resource Management Journal. I am the Associate Postgraduate Research Director. I enjoy and have considerable experience of doctoral supervision and external examining, with a number of successful completions. They range from labour process analysis, grassroot activism, expatriates and MNCs to strategy and dynamic capabilities of firms. I welcome candidates interested in examining work, labour, and MNCs. Some grounding in sociology, political economy, labour studies or industrial relations would be helpful.


  • PhD, Sociology of Work/Management University of London,

  • MSc, Social Policy and Development London School of Economics and Political Science,

  • MA, Area Studies (South Asia) School of Oriental and African Studies,

  • BA (Hons.), History St Stephens, Delhi University,

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education University of London,

  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy,

Research and professional activities

Current research

Work in the Global South

A long standing project that aims to challenge theories developed in the North for their inability to comprehensively capture Southern realities by theorising from the South. It draws upon empirical research from India and across the South.

Work and HRM in MNCs

This project examines work and employment relations and HRM from a critical angle in multinational firms in India, Saudi Arabia and the UK. It explores themes of trade unions, mobilisation, job quality, skills and processes of informalisation in different regional contexts.

Informal and precarious work in the Global South and challenges of Decent Work

This is a comparative effort by a women's collective working in different regional contexts across the Global South, ranging from Cambodia, India, Nigeria to Argentina. It examines the lack of success of the 'Decent Work' agenda and UN SDG 8.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Management Psychology (BE434)

  • People and Organisations (BE865)

  • Independent Study Project: Management/Marketing (BE938)


Journal articles (9)

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Books (1)

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Book chapters (4)

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