Feifan Guo

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Law
 Feifan Guo



Feifan Guo is a PhD student at the School of Law, focusing his research on financial consumer dispute resolution (ADR), financial regulation law and international private law. He also works as a research assistant on various projects, particularly relating to Fintech and International arbitration. After finishing his first LLM majoring in International Private Law with honors (Top3)at China University of Political Science and Law in 2015, Feifan was enrolled by the Advanced LLM on International Civil and Commercial Law Program at University of Leiden (Netherlands). At Leiden,he learned a series of courses related to international civil and commercial activities including European law, Internation Arbitration law, International Trade Law, International Finance Law, English Contract Law, and English Property Law.He achieved very good grades in these courses (averge 8/10, ranking 4/25) and finished his high quality Master Thesis supervised by Prof. Louis Gulifer (Harris Manchester College, Oxford University). After finishing his second LLM at University of Leiden in 2016, Fiefan went to Essex toContinue his research on financial consumer dispute resolution. In addition to being a researcher, Feifan is also an experienced Chinese lawer. He acquired his Chinese legal profession qualification in 2011 and has abundant intern experience in Chinese government, court and top law firms. LW101 Contract Law LW242 Commercial Contract Law Financial ADR scheme in China UK's Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) One Belt One Route (OBOR) Summit Conference,Presented by the Oxford OBOR Programme, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, 13th and 14th September2017. Ethics and Challenges in Chinese Financial Markets Conference, Presented by the School of Law, Essex University, 25th March 2016.


  • Chinese Legal Profession Qualification (2011)

  • LLM in International Civil and Commercial Law, University of Leiden (2016)

  • LLM in International Private Law, China University of Political Science and Law (2015)

  • LLB (2010)

Research and professional activities


Study on Establishing an Alternative Consumer Finance Dispute Resolution System in China

The thesis aims to discuss and answer two core questions; the first is whether a comprehensive financial CADR (Consumer ADR) scheme need to be established in China mainland’s financial markets. The second question is how to establish this financial CADR scheme. After discussion, a possible answer is given by both considering overseas experience and China's own context and approach. 

Research interests

Financial Consumer Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Internation Private Law

Internation Arbitration Law

Financial Regulation Law



Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Friday 11:00-12:00