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Dr Gavin Grindon
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My research focuses on social engagement in curatorial practice and in art from 1900-present. In 2014 I co-curated the exhibition Disobedient Objects at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, about objects of art and design produced by protest movements internationally since the late 1970s. It was the museum's most visited exhibition since 1946. In 2015 I curated an exhibition on the history of design for social control (from CCTV and anti-homeless spikes to border fences and rubber bullets) at Banksy's Dismaland. In 2017 I co-curated a Palestinian-led Museum of the Occupation at Banksy's Walled off Hotel in Palestine. In 2018, I co-curated From Nope to Hope, in which artists (who had withdrawn their work from the Design Museum's 'Hope to Nope' political art show after the museum hosted a reception for arms dealers) showed their work in Brixton, including Tania Bruguera, Jeremy Deller, Shepard Fairey, Milton Glaser, Guerrilla Girls and others. In 2019 I co-curated a Museum of Neoliberalism with the artist Darren Cullen which is currently open for tourists and school visits in South London. I have consulted for museums and galleries internationally. I have also been a member of the collective Liberate Tate, who from 2010 produced performance interventions in Tate spaces to pressure the organisation to drop BP sponsorship, which they did in 2016. This was the first in a wave of similar moves by other cultural institutions, and of a wave of 'museum protest' since. The group has been widely written about, and the group's archive is held at the University of Essex special collections. My written research focuses on critical curatorial practice, cultural policy and organisational change; and on twentieth century art, specifically activist-art, institutional critique and its futures. I have an interest in the particular histories of activist-art, institutional critique and critical curatorial practice. My academic background is also in critical theory and continental philosophy, and I am interested in how approaching these topics involves rethinking theoretical and methodological approaches in art, design, visual and material culture. My PhD, completed at Manchester University under Prof. Terry Eagleton, comprised an intellectual history of theories of revolution-as-festival, which attempted to engage with affect and aesthetics in social movements, from Surrealist-influenced figures such as Georges Bataille and Henri Lefebvre through to more recent post-structuralist approaches to Marxism and anarchism. I have published in Art History, the Oxford Art Journal, Third Text and elsewhere. In 2010 I co-wrote the pamphlet A User's Guide to Demanding the Impossible, which has been translated into a number of languages. I am currently completing a book on the history of activist-art and some articles on curatorial history and theory, and on social histories of art and design.


  • PhD English Studies, University of Manchester, 2007

  • MA Cultural Criticism, University of Manchester, 2001

  • BA English Literature and Language, University of Leeds, 2000

Research and professional activities

Research interests

modern and contemporary art history

Open to supervise

art and politics; activist-art; institutional critique and its futures

Open to supervise

visual and material cultures of social movements and of social control

Open to supervise

aesthetics and affect in social movements

Open to supervise

curatorial studies; intersections of curating, critique and political organising

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

'Confronting Activist Art and Design From a Museological Perspective', M+ Museum, Hong Kong, 21 March 2016.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2016

'Disobedient Objects',Design e Conspiração: Ziguezagues Entre Arte e Filosofia, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 29 March 2016.

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2016

'Disobedient Objects,'Warsaw Under Construction,' Warsaw Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, 15 Nov 2014.

Warsaw, Poland, 2014

The Museum Divide: Beyond Institutional Critique, The Natural History Museum, Queens Museum, New York,with Hans Haacke and Mark Dion, 24 Oct 2014.

New York, United States, 2014

Contemporary Art and Social Movements, Art and Radical Democracy After Occupy, UCL, with Chantal Mouffe and Mark Fisher,5 Dec 2013.

London, United Kingdom, 2013

Exodus From Art, Creative Dissent, York University, with TJ Demos and Irit Rogoff,5 June 2013.


Disobedient Objects, Radical Gestures, Central Saint Martins, 1 June, 2013.

London, United Kingdom, 2013

Black Mask Contravention, Architecture Association, 25 May, 2013.


organiser, The Politics of the Social in Contemporary Art, Tate Modern, 15 Feb 2013.

London, United Kingdom, 2013

The Socialist Surrealism of the Orange Alternative and the Contested Legacy of the Avant-Garde, Polish Art in Public Space, Courtauld Institute, 6 Dec 2012. Translated into Polish and published on the website of the Warsaw Centre for Contemporary Art.

London, United Kingdom, 2012

Activist-Art, Tactics of Protest, Royal College of Art, 1st Feb 2012.

London, United Kingdom, 2012

'Disobedient Objects: Agency and Determination in Activist-Art, Whose Participation? Spaces of Interaction in Contemporary Art and Architecture, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland, organised by ETH Zurich, 16-17 Dec 2011.

Zurich, Switzerland, 2011

organiser with Dean Kenning, Art... What's the Use?, Whitechapel Gallery, 2011.'Disobedient Objects,'Warsaw Under Construction,' Warsaw Museum of Contemporary Art, 15 Nov 2014.

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London, United Kingdom, 2011

Second-Wave Situationism: Artists' Participation in Social Movements, 1964-77, CUNY Graduate Centre, New York, 10 May 2011.

New York, United States, 2011

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Art and Ideas III (AR323)

  • Museum Activism: Art, Politics, Cultural Work and Policy (AR942)

  • Preparing for your Professional Placement (AR946)

  • Exhibition and Portfolio (AR952)

  • Exhibition (Joint Project) (AR953)

  • Final Project: Writing Art History (AR980)

  • Dissertation - MA Schemes (AR981)

Previous supervision

Christopher Collier
Christopher Collier
Thesis title: A Transformative Morphology of the Unique: Situating Psychogeography's 1990S Revival
Degree subject: Art History and Theory
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 16/6/2017


Journal articles (11)

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Books (2)

Fyrich, W. and Grindon, G., (2014). Lives of the Orange Men A Biographical History of the Polish Orange Alternative Movement. Autonomedia. 9781570272691

Grindon, G. and Flood, C., (2014). Disobedient Objects. Victoria and Albert Museum. 9781851777976

Book chapters (5)

Grindon, G., (2019). Detournement After Jorn. In: Art Strikes Back - from Jorn to Banksy. Editors: Madsen, CK. and Thage, J., . Museum Jorn. 8792307388. 9788792307385

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Exhibitions (5)

Flood, C. and Grindon, G., Disobedient Objects

Grindon, G., Cruel Designs. Exhibition

Grindon, G. and Banksy, Occupation Museum. Exhibition

Worth, J., Waterhouse, C. and Grindon, G., From Nope to Hope: Art Against Arms, Oil and Injustice. exhibition

Grindon, G. and Cullen, D., The Museum of Neoliberalism. exhibition

Other (1)

Kanngieser, A. and Grindon, G., (2013).Introduction. Parallax. 19(2),Informa UK Limited

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