Benjamin Gregson

Senior Research Officer
School of Life Sciences
 Benjamin Gregson
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    3SW.3.18, Colchester Campus


Journal articles (6)

Gregson, BH., Bani, A., Steinfield, L., Holt, D. and Whitby, C., (2022). Anaerobes and methanogens dominate the microbial communities in water harvesting ponds used by Kenyan rural smallholder farmers.. Science of the Total Environment. 819, 153040-153040

Gregson, BH., McKew, BA., Holland, RD., Nedwed, TJ., Prince, RC. and McGenity, TJ., (2021). Marine Oil Snow, a Microbial Perspective. Frontiers in Marine Science. 8

Thomas, GE., Brant, JL., Campo, P., Clark, DR., Coulon, F., Gregson, BH., McGenity, TJ. and McKew, BA., (2021). Effects of Dispersants and Biosurfactants on Crude-Oil Biodegradation and Bacterial Community Succession. Microorganisms. 9 (6), 1200-1200

Gregson, BH., Metodieva, G., Metodiev, MV., Golyshin, PN. and McKew, BA., (2020). Protein expression in the obligate hydrocarbon‐degrading psychrophile Oleispira antarctica RB‐8 during alkane degradation and cold tolerance. Environmental Microbiology. 22 (5), 1870-1883

Thomas, GE., Cameron, TC., Campo, P., Clark, DR., Coulon, F., Gregson, BH., Hepburn, LJ., McGenity, TJ., Miliou, A., Whitby, C. and McKew, BA., (2020). Bacterial Community Legacy Effects Following the Agia Zoni II Oil-Spill, Greece. Frontiers in Microbiology. 11, 1706-

Gregson, BH., Metodieva, G., Metodiev, MV. and McKew, BA., (2019). Differential protein expression during growth on linear versus branched alkanes in the obligate marine hydrocarbon‐degrading bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis SK2T. Environmental Microbiology. 21 (7), 2347-2359

+44 (0) 1206 872918


3SW.3.18, Colchester Campus