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Dr Mollie Gerver

Department of Government
Dr Mollie Gerver



My research focuses on refugee and immigration policies, with special focus on repatriation. I additionally research the philosophy of consent, focusing on when consent is valid and when valid consent is necessary. For my newest publications on these topics, visit www.mgerver.com.


  • PhD The London School of Economics, (2016)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death (GV538)

  • Political Theory (GV908)


Journal articles (14)

Gerver, M., Inferring Consent Without Communication. Social Theory and Practice: an international and interdisciplinary journal of social philosophy

Gerver, M., (2020). Sufficiency, Priority, and Selecting Refugees. Journal of Applied Philosophy

Gerver, M., (2019). Denying Services to Prevent Regret. Journal of Applied Philosophy. 36 (3), 471-490

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Gerver, M., (2017). Misinformation as Immigration Control. Res Publica. 23 (4), 495-511

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Gerver, M., (2013). Refugee quota trading within the context of EU-ENP cooperation: Rational, bounded rational and ethical critiques. Journal of Contemporary European Research. 9 (1), 60-77

Gerver, M., (2013). ‘Sinigurisha! (You are not for sale!)’: exploring the relationship between access to school, school fees, and sexual abuse in Rwanda. Gender and Education. 25 (2), 220-235

Books (1)

Gerver, M., (2018). Refugee Repatriation Ethics and Practice. 1474437478. 9781474437479

Grants and funding


Deporting, Detaining and Death: Morally permissible means of immigration control

British Academy


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