Dr Tolulope Fadina

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr Tolulope Fadina

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Financial Mathematics

Key words: Financial Derivatives
Open to supervise

Risk Management

Key words: Risk measures
Open to supervise

Actuarial Science

Key words: Mortality Risk
Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Mathematics Careers and Employability (MA199)

  • Contingencies I (MA212)

  • Stochastic Processes (MA319)


Journal articles (3)

Fadina, T. and Schmidt, T., (2019). Default Ambiguity. Risks. 7 (2), 64-64

Fadina, T. and Herzberg, F., (2019). Hyperfinite construction of G-expectation. Stochastics. 91 (1), 52-66

Fadina, T., Neufeld, A. and Schmidt, T., (2019). Affine processes under parameter uncertainty. Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk. 4 (1)

Reports and Papers (5)

Fadina, T., Liu, Y. and Wang, R., (2021). A Framework for Measures of Risk under Uncertainty

Fadina, T., Liu, P. and Wang, R., (2021). One axiom to rule them all: An axiomatization of quantiles

Fadina, T., Bellini, F., Wang, R. and Wei, Y., (2021). Parametric measures of variability induced by risk measures

Fadina, T. and Schmdit, T., (2018). Ambiguity in defaultable term structure models

Fadina, T. and Herzberg, F., (2015). Weak Approximation of G-Expectation



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