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Other media: Podcast for UCDs Wartime Attachments series: (May 2016) Contributor to The First World War in Biscuits, multi-media installation produced by the University of Reading displayed at Reading Museum and The Minories, Colchester (2014-15) Selected to participate in the AHRC/BBC workshop on the coverage of the centenary of the First World War, 2012 BBC4, interviewed on Great War rations for Bullets, Boots and Bandages, shown February 2012. BBC History Magazine, podcast December 2009.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

The military, social and cultural impact of warfare in the twentieth century, particularly the way in which affective experience has been captured in personal narratives

the history, anthropology and sociology of food

the social and cultural history of nineteenth and twentieth century Britain

I am currently working with Professor Mike Roper on project exploring the role of the First World War in the lives of the children of the interwar years.

I am also an Early Career Researcher on the AHRC funded WW1 Centre 'Everyday Lives in War'.

Conferences and presentations

Onto the table: Food production, processing and distribution in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, keynote speaker, Universidade Nova, Lisbon (Feb, 2017)

Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

'One Hundred Years of Arny Rations', International Commission for Research into European Food History Symposium, Copenhagen (Sep, 2016)

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016

'The Stomach for Fighting', Sally Williams Memorial Lecture, UCS (Nov, 2014)

Ipswich, United Kingdom, 2014

'Food and Insurrection on the Home Front', IHR Anglo-American Conference, London (Jul, 2014)

London, United Kingdom, 2014

Keynote speaker, Food and the First World War Conference, Liverpool Hope University (Apr, 2014)

Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2014

Eating and Sharing in the Trenches, Conflict and the Senses Conference, IWM London (Sep, 2013)

London, United Kingdom, 2013

Food and War, IHR Anglo-American Conference, London (Jul, 2013)

London, United Kingdom, 2013

'Playing Soldiers? British Children and their Toys in the aftermath of the Great War', Approaching War Conference, Newcastle (Mar, 2013)

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, 2013

'From Sweffling to the Somme', The Great War: Localities and Regional Identities Conference, Manchester (Jun, 2012)

Manchester, United Kingdom, 2012

'The Stophers of Suffolk and the Great War', Social History Society Conference, Brighton (Apr, 2012)

Brighton, United Kingdom, 2012

Invited speaker, The First World War Reappraised, seminar at IWM London (Oct, 2011)

London, United Kingdom, 2011

'Sharing Strategies on the Western Front', International Commission on the Anthropology of Food Conference, Leiden (Aug, 2011)

Leiden, Netherlands, 2011

'Of Meat and Men: Beef and the British Soldier', Food and Identities Conference at the University of Lancashire (Jun, 2011)

Preston, United Kingdom, 2011

Guest speaker at: Suffolk Historical Review AGM, November, 2011; Royal Logistics Corps Museum, Camberley, May 2011; IWM Duxford, Nov 2010; The Local Population Studies Society Annual Conference on 'Famine, Diet and Nutrition', Apr 2010; The Friends of the National Army Museum, Feb 2010



Journal articles (4)

Roper, M. and Duffett, R., (2018). Family Legacies in the Centenary. Motives for First World War Commemoration among British and German Descendants. History and Memory. 30 (1), 76-115

Duffett, R. and Roper, M., (2018). Making Histories. The Meeting of German and British Descendants of First World War Veterans in ‘‘No Man’s Land,’’ Bavaria, 2016. The Public Historian. 40 (1), 13-33

Duffett, R., (2012). A Taste of Army Life. Cultural and Social History. 9 (2), 251-269

Duffett, R., (2011). Beyond the Ration: Sharing and Scrounging on the Western Front. Twentieth Century British History. 22 (4), 453-473

Books (4)

Zweiniger-Bargielowska, I., Duffett, R. and Drouard, A., (2012). Food and war in twentieth century Europe. 9781409417705

Duffet, R., (2012). The Stomach for Fighting Food and the Soldiers of the Great War. Manchester University Press. 071908458X. 9780719084584

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Book chapters (6)

(2017). Modern Conflict and the Senses. In: Modern Conflict and the Senses. Routledge. 171- 182. 9781138927827

Michałowski, R., (2016). Conclusion. In: The Gniezno Summit. BRILL. 263- 270. 9781409417705

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Duffett, R., (2011). Conclusion. In: Food and War in Twentieth Century Europe. 263- 269. 9781409417705

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