Dr Nathan Derejko

Visiting Fellow
Essex Law School
Dr Nathan Derejko



Dr Nathan Derejko is a Lecturer in the School of Law and Human Rights Centre. Nathan’s research and teaching interests span three interrelated fields: international human rights law, the law of armed conflict, and collective security and the use of force. He has a particular interest in the applicability and application of international human rights law during armed conflict, counter-terrorism and human rights, and the law and practice of non-international armed conflict. Nathan’s research has been published in leading academic journals, and has been cited widely both within and beyond academia, including in the ‘Drone Report’ of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Nathan's most recent article, 'A Forever War? Rethinking the Temporal Scope of Non-International Armed Conflict', was published with the Oxford Journal of Conflict and Security Law, and his forthcoming monograph, 'Identifying Non-International Armed Conflict: International Law and Practice', is under contract with Cambridge University Press. Previously, Nathan was the Director of the multidisciplinary Masters in Human Rights Programme at University College London (UCL), and the Director of the University of Essex Human Rights Clinic. He has also guest lectured at the International Institute of International Humanitarian Law in Sanremo, Italy, and the Irish Centre for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland Galway. Nathan has also worked with a number of human rights and humanitarian organisations in Canada, Europe, East Africa and the Middle East, including the Canadian Red Cross, Al-Haq, and the Civic Coalition for Jerusalem. He also remains actively engaged outside of academia, and has participated in expert meetings, delivered advanced training sessions for military personnel and government agencies, supported strategic litigation efforts in Europe and the Middle East, and continues to serve as an expert member for various NGO committees, and is currently on the Defend Digital Me Advisory Council, an NGO focused on children’s rights to privacy and family life. Nathan Tweets at @NathanDerejko


Journal articles (2)

Derejko, N., (2021). A Forever War? Rethinking the Temporal Scope of Non-International Armed Conflict. Journal of Conflict and Security Law. 26 (2), 347-376

Lubell, N. and Derejko, N., (2013). A global battlefield?: Drones and the geographical scope of armed conflict. Journal of International Criminal Justice. 11 (1), 65-88



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