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Dr. Dai undertook his undergraduate study in Applied Mathematics at Tianjin University from 1996 to 2000 and then he went on to do his MSc in Statistics (with Shuyuan He) at Beijing University. After he completed his MSc in 2003 he came to the UK and studied for his D.Phil. (with Peter Clifford) at University of Oxford. His main research field at Oxford was Bayesian computational statistics, in particular, exact Monte Carlo simulation. Before he fulfilled all requirements of his D.Phil. in Statistics at Oxford in December 2007 (D.Phil. formally awarded in July 2008), he had already started his first academic position, as a lecturer in statistics, at Lancaster University from Sep 2006. Then he moved to Brighton University for his first permanent position in 2009 and joined University of Essex in January 2013. He is now interested in various research areas in statistical methodology and statistical applications, including Bayesian computational statistics, artificial intelligence, mixture models, graphical models, diffusion models, queuing models, non-parametric statistics, survival analysis and longitudinal analysis. PhD application Please contact me, if you have an appropriate background in statistics, mathematics, or computer science and are interested in statistics, especially in the areas of Bayesian statistics, Monte Carlo simulation, graphical models, mixture models, diffusion models and bio-statistics.


  • BS in applied mathematics, Tianjin University (2000)

  • MS in statistics, Beijing University (2003)

  • D.Phil. in statistics, Oxford University (2007)


University of Essex

  • Reader in Statistics, Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex (1/10/2019 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Bayesian computational statistics

Open to supervise

Perfect Monte Carlo sampling

Open to supervise

Mixture models

Open to supervise

Graphical models

Open to supervise

Diffusion models

Open to supervise

Queuing models

Nonparametric statistics

Open to supervise

Survival analysis

Open to supervise

Longitudinal analysis

Open to supervise

Distributed Deep Learning

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Statistics I (MA108)

  • Statistics II (MA200)

  • Research Methods (MA902)

Previous supervision

Saeed Khalfan Ali Mohammed Aldahmani
Saeed Khalfan Ali Mohammed Aldahmani
Thesis title: High-Dimensional Linear Regression Problems Via Graphical Models
Degree subject: Bio-Statistics
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 6/3/2017
Baba Bukar Alhaji Bukar
Baba Bukar Alhaji Bukar
Thesis title: Bayesian Analysis for Mixtures of Discrete Distributions with a Non-Parametric Component
Degree subject: Statistics
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 24/5/2016


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Books (1)

Dai, H. and Wang, H., (2016). Analysis for Time-to-Event Data under Censoring and Truncation. 9780128054802

Book chapters (1)

Dai, H., A review on the exact Monte Carlo simulation. In: Bayesian Inference [Working Title]. Editors: Tang, N., . IntechOpen. 9781838803858

Conferences (2)

Chitsuphaphan, T., Yang, X. and Dai, H., (2020). Stochastic Programming for Residential Energy Management with Electric Vehicle under Photovoltaic Power Generation Uncertainty

Alhaji, BB., Dai, H., Hayashi, Y., Vinciotti, V., Harrison, A. and Lausen, B., (2016). Analysis of ChIP-seq Data Via Bayesian Finite Mixture Models with a Non-parametric Component

Reports and Papers (2)

Liang, W., Hu, J., Dai, H. and Bao, Y., (2020). Efficient Empirical Likelihood Inference for recovery rate of COVID-19 under Double-Censoring

Dai, H., Pollock, M. and Roberts, G., (2019). Bayesian Fusion

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