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My doctoral thesis examined the trope of cannibalism in the context of colonial and neo-imperial practices of extractivism, from plantation agriculture to petroleum extraction. This research, funded by the University of Warwick Doctoral College and the Fund for Women Graduates, aimed to answer two key questions. First, how can the metaphor of cannibalism be used to describe colonial endeavours and practices from the time Columbus stumbled onto the Caribbean in 1492 to current neo-liberal practices of extractivism taking place in that region and Latin America more broadly? Second, how do postcolonial texts from that region register different types of resource extraction and their relation to anthropogenic climate change through metaphors of consumption? Building on the work of the WREC (Warwick Research Collective) and material histories methods, my PhD also investigated the oceanic deep. My research now focuses on deep-sea and offshore extractivism and representations of the seabed. I have worked as an interdisciplinary educator at the University of Warwick in 2020-2021 before coming to the University of Essex. I am also involved with the UK Future Earth Early Career Researcher and Practiotioner Network (, the Haunted Shores Network ( and the Ecological Reparation Project (


  • PhD The University of Warwick, (2020)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • The World in Question: The Social, Cultural, Political & Environmental Legacies of the Enlightenment (CS201)

  • Global Challenges in Interdisciplinary Perspective: Water Conflicts, Water Cultures (CS315)

  • Contemporary Challenges in Latin America (CS141)

  • Art in Latin America (AR219)

  • Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action (CS200)


Journal articles (4)

Champion, G., Imperialism is a Plague, Too: Transatlantic Pandemic Imaginaries in César Mba Abogo’s “El sueño de Dayo” (2007) and Junot Díaz’s “Monstro” (2012). SFRA Review. 51 (2), 167-174

Champion, G., Book review of Allegories of the Anthropocene. Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment. 11 (1), 199-200

Champion, G. and Wax‐Edwards, J., (2021). Decolonising Responses to ‘Engaged Art’: Disposability and Neoimperialism in Art, Activism and Academia. Bulletin of Latin American Research

Wax‐Edwards, J., Champion, G. and Funari, G., (2021). Introduction: Intersections of Activism and Academia. Bulletin of Latin American Research

Books (1)

Champion, G., (2021). Interdisciplinary Essays on Canibalism Bites Here and There. Routledge. 0367432609. 9780367432607

Book chapters (2)

Champion, G., (2020). "Preface" with Kendal, Z., Smith, A., and Milner, A. and "Ecopocalyptic Visions in Haitian and Mexican Landscapes of Exploitation". In: Ethical Futures and Global Science Fiction. Editors: Kendal, Z., Smith, A., Champion, G. and Milner, A., . Springer Nature. 141- 162. 303027893X. 9783030278939

(2017). Deconstructing Caliban’s Genealogy of ‘Otherness’ in Aimé Césaire’s Une Tempête: The Figuration of the Barbarian, Wild Man, and Cannibal in the Western Literary Canon. In: Subjects Barbarian, Monstrous, and Wild. BRILL. 115- 140

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