Professor Ken Cattermole

Emeritus Professor
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Professor Ken Cattermole



Professor Ken Cattermole was appointed at Essex in 1968. He played a major role launching and leading the very successful telecommunications programme. The chair of telecommunications had been endowed by the British Post Office, later British Telecom. Professor Cattermole came from Standard Telecommunication Laboratories, Harlow, where he was involved in the development of pulse code modulation. His book on Principles of Pulse Code Modulation (Illiffe 1969) became a standard reference on this subject. Professor Cattermole was not only a remarkable researcher, inventor and teacher in his field, but also a notable mathematician, had a firm grasp of economics, took an active interest in interdisciplinary aspects of communication, and is a dedicated (if very private) painter and pianist. He has spent some time at STL in Spain and keeps an active interest in the Spanish language and literature.



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