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Giuliana Borea

Marie Curie Research Fellow
Department of Sociology
 Giuliana Borea



Giuliana is a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex. Her current project explores the work, trajectories and activism of indigenous Amazonian contemporary artists as they enter global art circuits and seeks to propose more suitable vocabularies and curatorial narratives of their art practices. It does this through a collaborative methodology with Amazonian artists responding to their aim of self-representation. Her broad research combines an interest in the mechanisms of contemporary art worlds and transnational networks, politics and practices of museum representation, issues of class and race, and the interrelation of place-making and sensory practices. She has built her career at the intersection of research, teaching, curatorship and cultural policy-making reinforcing the links between anthropological knowledge and the public domain. She maintains a long affiliation with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru in which she is a Lecturer of Anthropology at the Department of Social Sciences. She has convened two large conferences that have resulted in the creation of wide academic networks in Latin America: the Studies and Dialogues between Anthropology and Art (2014) and the Latin American Visual Anthropologies (2019). The first resulted in her volume Arte y Antropología: Estudios, Encuentros y Nuevos Horizontes (PUCP, 2017), which has been an important contribution to expand the voices of the debate on art and anthropology. Her forthcoming book, Configuring the New Lima Art Scene: An anthropological Analysis of Contemporary Art in Lima (Routledge, 2020) explores the making of Lima’s contemporary art scene in relation to urban transformations, Peru’s political economy and changes in the larger art world. This book draws on her doctoral research, funded by the Wenner Gren Foundation and NYU Tinker Grant, and on her postdoctoral position as Visiting Stipendiary Fellow at the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS, SAS), University of London. She has also conducted extensive research in and of museums and exhibitions, and has been recipient of the Endesa Fellowship to analyse Amazonian artifacts at the Museo de America in Madrid. Regarding her curatorial practice, it includes the exhibitions Grandes Maestros del Arte Peruano: Rojas, Merida, Urbano y Sanchez (co-curated with Gabriela Germaná, 2008) and Once Lunas: Santiago and Rember Yahuarcani (co-curated with David Flores-Hora 2009). Giuliana has an important experience in cultural management and policy-making: She has been Peru’s Director of Museums and Cultural Heritage and coordinator of museum projects such as of the National Museum of Chavin and the Lima Museum of Contemporary Art. She has also been co-founder and member of Tandem: Cultural Management for Development association which organised Peru’s National Meetings of Culture with grassroots organisations fostering cultural policies from below.


  • PhD Anthropology New York University,

  • MA The Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas University of East Anglia,

  • MA Museum Studies Universidad de Valladolid,

  • BA Anthropology Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú,


University of Essex

  • Marie Curie Research Fellow, Sociology, University of Essex (1/9/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Lecturer (Profesor Ordinario), Social Science, Anthropology, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1/1/2015 - present)


Journal articles (4)

Borea Labarthe, G., YUYANAPAQ. Activando la memoria en una puesta en escena para recordar. Illapa Mana Tukukuq (1), 57-68

Borea, G., (2018). Expanded fieldwork: In-site arenas, the actant archive and the sensorial studio. Visual Ethnography. 7 (1), 66-82

Borea, G., (2016). Fuelling museums and art fairs in Peru’s capital: the work of the market and multi-scale assemblages. World Art. 6 (2), 315-337

Borea, G., (2010). Personal Cartographies of a Huitoto Mythology: Rember Yahuarcani and the Enlarging of the Peruvian Contemporary Art Scene. Revista de Antropologia Social do PPGAS-UFSCar. 2 (2), 67-87

Books (2)

Borea, G., (2017). Arte y antropología estudios, encuentros y nuevos horizontes. 6123172271. 9786123172275

(2003). "Colección Elvira Luza"

Exhibitions (1)

Borea, G. and Flores-Hora, D., Once Lunas: Santiago y Rember Yahuarcani




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