Alessia Bani

Senior Research Officer
School of Life Sciences
 Alessia Bani


Journal articles (3)

Gregson, BH., Bani, A., Steinfield, L., Holt, D. and Whitby, C., (2022). Anaerobes and methanogens dominate the microbial communities in water harvesting ponds used by Kenyan rural smallholder farmers.. Science of the Total Environment. 819, 153040-153040

Wilkes, MA., Mckenzie, M., Naura, M., Allen, L., Morris, M., Van De Wiel, M., Dumbrell, AJ., Bani, A., Lashford, C., Lavers, T. and England, J., (2021). Defining Recovery Potential in River Restoration: A Biological Data-Driven Approach. Water. 13 (23), 3339-3339

Bani, A., Borruso, L., Matthews Nicholass, KJ., Bardelli, T., Polo, A., Pioli, S., Gómez-Brandón, M., Insam, H., Dumbrell, AJ. and Brusetti, L., (2019). Site-Specific Microbial Decomposer Communities Do Not Imply Faster Decomposition: Results from a Litter Transplantation Experiment.. Microorganisms. 7 (9), 349-349

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