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Dila is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Financial Management. She is a qualified management accounting accountant. Dila began her academic career in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, where she also concluded her first MSc (in Accounting and Finance) at Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) and worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Faculdades Candido Mendes in Ipanema for 7 years. She moved to the UK and embarked on her second MSc (in Research in Business) at the Royal Holloway, University of London; where she received a grant to proceed to her PhD (in performance management in the UK NHS Trust). She completed her PhD in three years and immediately jointed Essex Business School. She later moved to Southampton University where she worked for eight years; until returning to Essex Business School in 2016. Dila has published on management accounting, accounting professionalization and has now engaged with research on gender equality in accounting. Her research interests embrace a wide variety of contexts including the UK, Brazil, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Research Grants (2020) (£800). Understanding Youth Homelessness in the UK. (2018) (£800). Change in gender equality in a British multinational. (2012) (£4,000). The development of the Accounting Profession in Brazil. (2010) (£1,500). December = Pump-prime funding - Title: Accounting Profession in Brazil (2006) (£2,500). October Southampton Management School Pump-prime funding - Title: The development of Accounting Profession in Brazil (2005) (£1,600). BAA SIG on Public Services Accounting Research - September/2003 June/2005 - sole investigator. Title: Costing Information in Hospitals: Costing for (Non-) Control. (2008) (€ 50,000). (Jointly with Dr. Rui Vieira and Dr. Maria Major). Title: Management Accounting Change (ABC implementation in the Public Hospitals in Portugal. Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology (Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia) (2002) (£1,000). Awarded CIMA-Chartered Institute of Management Accounting Grant for Funding Research to complement PhD grant (2001) (£18,000). Awarded Reed Research Scholarship (2001) - School of Management at Royal Holloway, University of London to pay the 3-year overseas fees to do my PhD (2000) (£6,000). Awarded Departmental Research Fund Royal Holloway, University of London to complement the three-year overseas fees PhD (1988) (US18, 000). Awarded a three-year grant from CNPq (Conselho National de Pesquisa). National Consulate of Research Brazil) = MSc in Accounting & Finance Dila has acted as reviewer for the following academic journals: AAAJ (Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal) AF (Accounting Forum); BAR (The British Accounting Review) PMM (Public Money & Management) PMR (Public Management Review) JIAR (Journal of International Accounting Research) and JOAC (Journal of Organisation and Accounting Change) CBM (Cogent Business and Management) IJERPH (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)


  • BSc in Accounting and Economy (Hons) (Brazil)

  • MSc in Accounting and Finance (Brazil-FGV)

  • MSc in Research in Business (Royal Holloway, University of London)

  • PGCTHE (Southampton University) (HEA) Higher Education Academy, (2010)

  • Certificate in HE Royal Holloway University of London, (2001)

  • PhD (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

performance management issues in the field of healthcare

Open to supervise

Management control systems within in healthcare organisations, particularly hospitals

Open to supervise

the development of the accountancy profession across nations

Open to supervise

gendering practices segregating women within the accounting profession in developing and non-Western countries

Open to supervise

Current research

Agrizzi, D. and A. Alsalloom. Women segregation in the accounting workplace: the case of Saudi Arabia.

Agrizzi, D. (jointly with A. Alsalloom and Teeven Soobaroyen). Gendered space in Saudi Arabian accounting firms.

Agrizzi, D. Regulatory Control Systems in Brazil the case of a particular maternity.

Agrizzi, D. and Abelesi, L. Struggle for Compliance - The UK NHS Foundation Trust

Conferences and presentations

Exploring the Interplay between Management Accounting and Control Systems and Informal Family Processes: Rationalization and Domination

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference 2021, Virtual, 8/7/2021

A Study of the Interplay of Management Accounting and Control Systems and Informal Family Processes in a Traditional Society.

British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Conference 2021, Virtual, 12/4/2021

Understanding youth homelessness in the UK

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, 10th INTERNATIONAL EIASM PUBLIC SECTOR CONFERENCE, EIASM, Lund, Sweden, 6/9/2019

Who and how to count - Youth homelessness in the UK

Meditari Accountancy Research - Accounting Forum, Meditari Accountancy Research, Seoul, South Korea, 26/4/2019

Accounting and space in audit firms

Edinburgh Business School, IPA-Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 11/7/2018

Female segregation in the workplace in Saudi Arabia

Invited presentation, 33rd EGOS Colloquium (2017), 33rd EGOS, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8/7/2017

July, 26th - 28th (2013) - 7th Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) (Kobe-Japan).

Kobe, Japan, 2013

September, 4th - 6th (2013) - 3rd African Accounting and Finance (AAFA), Kampala, Uganda.

Kampala, Uganda, 2013

July, 4th - 8th (2012) - European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki, Finland, 2012

April, 19th - 23rd (2011) - European Accounting Association (EAA), Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy, 2011

July, 11th-13th (2010) Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA), Sidney.

Sydney, Australia, 2010

18th 20th May, (2010) EAA - European Accounting Association (Istanbul)

Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

May, 20th-22nd (2008) - Accounting Education (BAA-SIG), Seville-Spain.

Seville, Spain, 2008

July, 20th-23rd (2008) - 12th World Congress of Accounting Historians (WCAH), Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey, 2008

July, 24th (2008) - Mixed Methods Conference, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2008

April, 3rd-5th, April, 2007 - British Accounting Association Conference (BAA), Egham.

Egham, United Kingdom, 2007

December, 6th (2007) - ISCTE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal, 2007

July, 9th-12th (2006) - Interdisciplinary Perspective on Accounting (IPA), Cardiff

Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2006

April, 28th - 1st May (2005) - Critical Perspective in Accounting (CPA), New York.

New York, United States, 2005

March, 30th - April, 1st (2005) BAA - British Accounting Association Conference (BAA), (Edinburgh)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2005

July, 4th - 6th (2004) - 7th Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA), Singapore.

Singapore, 2004

July 13-16th (2003) - IPA - Interdisciplinary Perspective on Accounting Conference, Madrid,

Madrid, Spain, 2003

May 17th 19th (2001) - 3rd Workshop on Management Accounting Change, Sienna, Italy.

Sienna, Italy, 2001

Paper: Using accreditation to manage performance in Iranian hospitals.

Paper: Accreditation programme to assess Iranian hospitals.

Paper: Gendered-space in accounting profession in Saudi Arabia.

Paper: The rise of accountancy in Brazil

Paper: Professionalisation in a Centralised State: The Development of Accountancy in Brazil.

Paper: Accounting History in Brazil.

Paper: The development of accounting profession in Brazil.

Paper: 500 years of accounting history in Brazil.

Paper: An analysis of the Iranian hospital accreditation system.

Paper: The development of Accounting Profession in Brazil.

Paper: Cost control in the UK NHS (guest speaker)

Paper: HRGs Costing Information and Payment-by-Results.

Paper: The (Non-) usage of Costing Information in a particular NHS Trust.

Paper: Costing Information in Hospitals Cost for (Non-) Control?

Paper: Costing Information in the UK NHS Hospitals.

Paper: Quality, Equity and Resource Constraints in the UK Healthcare.

Paper: Cost Control in a non-teaching acute NHS Trust.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance (BE101)

  • Strategic Management Accounting (BE141)


Journal articles (10)

Agrizzi, D., Soobaroyen, T. and Alsalloom, A., (2021). Spatiality and accounting: The case of female segregation in audit firms. Accounting, Organizations and Society. 93, 101238-101238

Sian, S., Agrizzi, D., Tessa, W. and Abeer, A., (2020). Negotiating gender constraints in international audit firms in Saudi Arabia: Exploring the interaction of gender and religion. Accounting, Organizations and Society. 84, 101103-101103

Soobaroyen, T., Ntim, CG., Broad, MJ., Agrizzi, D. and Vithana, K., (2019). Exploring the Oversight of Risk Management in UK Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Audit Committees. Accounting Forum. 43 (4), 404-425

Soobaroyen, T., Ntim, CG., Broad, MJ., Agrizzi, D. and Vithana, K., (2019). Exploring the oversight of risk management in UK higher education institutions: the case of audit committees. Accounting Forum. 43 (4), 1-22

Agrizzi, D., Agyemang, G. and Jaafaripooyan, E., (2016). Conforming to accreditation in Iranian hospitals. Accounting Forum. 40 (2), 106-124

Agrizzi, D. and Sian, S., (2015). Artificial corporatism: A portal to power for accountants in Brazil. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. 27 (C), 56-72

Jaafaripooyan, E., Agrizzi, D. and Akbari-Haghighi, F., (2011). Healthcare accreditation systems: Further perspectives on performance measures. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 23 (6), 645-656

Agrizzi, D., (2009). Assessing English hospitals: contradiction and conflict. Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change. 4 (3), 222-242

Sikka, P., Haslam, C., Kyriacou, O. and Agrizzi, D., (2007). Professionalizing Claims and the State of UK Professional Accounting Education: Some Evidence. Accounting Education. 16 (1), 3-21

Sikka, P., Haslam, C., Kyriacou, O. and Agrizzi, D., (2007). A Rejoinder to ‘Professionalizing Claims and the State of UK Professional Accounting Education: Some Evidence’. Accounting Education. 16 (1), 59-64

+44 (0) 1702 328387


GB.3.27, Southend Campus

Academic support hours:

You can find details of Academic Support hours on the EBS UG and PG information page on Moodle or by calling EBS Student Services on 01206873911