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Dr Silvere Vialet-Chabrand
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2017-2019 Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Essex, UK Project: Wider and faster: high-throughout phenotypic exploration of novel genetic variation for breeding high biomass and yield in wheat Research interest: · Leaf energy balance and thermography under a dynamic environment. · Impact of stomatal conductance limitation on growth and yield. 2014-2017 Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Essex and University of Cambridge, UK Project: Stomatal-based systems analysis of water use efficiency. Research interest: · Cellular and leaf level dynamic of the stomata. · Scaling stomatal behaviour from leaf to canopy. · Thermal and chlorophyll fluorescence imagery. 2009-2013 Ph.D., Université de Lorraine, INRA Nancy-Lorraine (France), UMR 1137, Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology. Thesis: Identification and modelling of processes controlling the diurnal variation ofthe intrinsic water use efficiency. Research interest: · Models describing the diurnal and nocturnal temporal response of gas exchange at leaf and plant levels. · Impact of these temporal responses on water use efficiency and isotopic discrimination of 13CO2. · Adjustment of parameters and validation of dynamic models. 2008-2009 M.Sc. in agronomy and environmental science (FAGE), Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France. Thesis: Adjustment by genetic algorithm of a leaf gas exchange model in pedunculate oak. At INRA Nancy-Lorraine (France), UMR 1137, Forest Ecology and Ecophysiology (8 months). Specialisations: ecology, ecophysiology, biostatistics, modelling, water and carbonbudgets of ecosystem, climate and bioclimate, dendrochronology and pedology. Research topics: water use efficiency, gas exchange modelling and parameter fitting. 2005-2007 B.Sc. in biology of organisms and ecosystems, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Plant ecophysiology

Modelling of leaf gas exchange

Scaling up from stomata to canopy level

Bayesian inference

Stomatal behaviour: rapidity and amplitude of response

Plant growth and water use efficiency

Effect of climate change on plant ecophysiology

Interaction between plants and their microclimate

Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging

Thermal imaging

Leaf boundary layer conductance

Image processing

Software programming

Current research

Wider and faster: high-throughout phenotypic exploration of novel genetic variation for breeding high biomass and yield in wheat

- Develop novel high throughput screening techniques of stomatal conductance.

- Identify progeny with less limited photosynthetic capacity and enhanced efficiency, which increase wheat biomass production and yield.

Stomatal-based systems analysis of water use efficiency:

- Scaling up the OnGuard model ( simulating the stomatal behaviour to the canopy level.

- Improving a dual imaging technic using thermal and chlorophyll fluorescence to assess Water Use Efficiency.


Journal articles (11)

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Book chapters (1)

Lawson, T. and Vialet-Chabrand, S., (2018). Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging. In: Photosynthesis. Editors: Covshoff, S., . Springer. 121- 140. 978-1-4939-7785-7

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