Clearing 2021

Dr Gareth Thomas

Senior Research Officer
School of Life Sciences
Dr Gareth Thomas

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Employability Skills for the Biosciences (BS211)

  • Professional skills for Ecological and Marine Scientists (BS257)


Journal articles (2)

Thomas, GE., Bolam, SG., Brant, JL., Brash, R., Goodsir, F., Hynes, C., McGenity, TJ., McIlwaine, PSO. and McKew, BA., (2021). Evaluation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollution From the HMS Royal Oak Shipwreck and Effects on Sediment Microbial Community Structure. Frontiers in Marine Science. 8

Thomas, GE., Brant, JL., Campo, P., Clark, DR., Coulon, F., Gregson, BH., McGenity, TJ. and McKew, BA., (2021). Effects of Dispersants and Biosurfactants on Crude-Oil Biodegradation and Bacterial Community Succession. Microorganisms. 9 (6), 1200-1200



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