Dr Hiroko Tanaka

Honorary Senior Lecturer
Department of Sociology
Dr Hiroko Tanaka


Journal articles (8)

Lee, S. and Tanaka, H., (2016). Affiliation and alignment in responding actions. Journal of Pragmatics. 100, 1-7

Tanaka, H., (2015). Action-projection in Japanese conversation: topic particles wa, mo, and tte for triggering categorization activities. Frontiers in Psychology. 6

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Tanaka, H., (2001). Adverbials for turn-projection in Japanese: Towards a demystification of the ?telepathic? mode of communication. Language in Society. 30 (4), 559-587

Book chapters (1)

Tanaka, H., (2010). Multi-modal expressivity of the Japanese response particle Huun: Displaying involvement without topical engagement. In: Prosody in Interaction. Editors: Barth-Weingarten, D., Reber, E. and Selting, M., . John Benjamins. 303- 332. 9789027226334



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