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Duncan Sweeney

Graduate Laboratory Assistant
School of Life Sciences
 Duncan Sweeney



Research Assistant, 2013 (Environment Agency) Assessing the impact of gabion protection and marsh height on colonisation, recovery and diversity of salt marshes Research Assistant, 2014 (British Phycological Society) Investigating the effect of salinity on dimethylsulfide production in Ulva clathrata Research Assistant, 2014 (Society of General Microbiology) The influence of light, temperature or salinity on Isoprene production in several bacteria ResearchGate Profile LinkedInProfile Graduate Laboratory Assistant 'The response of Wheat and Barley and their bacterial communities to N-application' 'Response of Arabidopsis to water-deficit stress under N-fertilised conditions' Supervisors' webpages: Dr.Corinne Whitby (PI),Prof.Tracy Lawson(Co-I), Dr.Alex Dumbrell (Co-I)


  • 2015 University of Essex, Bsc (Hons (1)) Biological Sciences

Research and professional activities


Disentangling plant-microbe interactions under drought or nitrogen-limited conditions

Research interests

Chemically induced responses of organisms

in activity

abundance and movement. Our planet is governed by chemical communication between organisms

whether it is utilisation of the compounds as semiochemical or energy sources. This area is at the forefront of my research interests

disentangling how/when these organisms use such compounds to their advantage and the extent to which they provide a competitive edge for the users.




Colchester Campus

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