Watcharapol Supajakwattana

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Government
 Watcharapol Supajakwattana


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  • Critical Policy Analysis, Environmental and Disaster policy, Thailand Public Governance


Watcharapol Supajakwattana, He now is PhD Candidate at Department of Government, University of Essex, the United Kingdom and supervised Professor David Howarth of Centre for Ideology and Discours analysis (CIDA), University of Essex. His research focus on How to employ Post structuralist discourse theory in explaining "Policy Phenomena in Thailand (emphasised Environmental and disaster policy) ".


  • Master of Public Administration National Institution Development Administration , Thailand (2007)

Research and professional activities


The Politics of Disaster Management Policy in Thailand, A Case Study of Earthquake in The Upper Northern Region: The Post-Structuralist Analysis

Supervisor: Professor Dr. David Howarth

Research interests

Environmental Policy and Politics, Disaster Policy and Management in Critical policy analysis perspective.



Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Full-time student