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Dr Sarah Shair-Rosenfield

Senior Lecturer
Department of Government
Dr Sarah Shair-Rosenfield


Journal articles (10)

Best, RH., Shair-Rosenfield, S. and Wood, RM., (2019). Legislative Gender Diversity and the Resolution of Civil Conflict. Political Research Quarterly. 72 (1), 215-228

Shair-Rosenfield, S. and Stoyan, AT., (2018). Gendered Opportunities and Constraints: How Executive Sex and Approval Influence Executive Decree Issuance. Political Research Quarterly. 71 (3), 586-599

Liu, AH., Shair-Rosenfield, S., Vance, LR. and Csata, Z., (2018). Linguistic Origins of Gender Equality and Women’s Rights. Gender & Society. 32 (1), 82-108

Shair-Rosenfield, S. and Wood, RM., (2017). Governing Well after War: How Improving Female Representation Prolongs Post-conflict Peace. The Journal of Politics. 79 (3), 995-1009

Shair-Rosenfield, S. and T. Stoyan, A., (2017). Constraining Executive Action: The Role of Legislator Professionalization in Latin America. Governance. 30 (2), 301-319

Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2016). The Causes and Effects of the Local Government Code in the Philippines: Locked in a Status Quo of Weakly Decentralized Authority?. Southeast Asian Economies. 33 (2), 157-171

Shair-Rosenfield, S. and Hinojosa, M., (2014). Does Female Incumbency Reduce Gender Bias in Elections? Evidence from Chile. Political Research Quarterly. 67 (4), 837-850

Shair-Rosenfield, S., Marks, G. and Hooghe, L., (2014). A Comparative Measure of Decentralization for Southeast Asia. Journal of East Asian Studies. 14 (1), 85-108

Morgenstern, S., Polga-Hecimovich, J. and Shair-Rosenfield, AS., (2013). Tall, Grande, or Venti: Presidential Powers in the United States and Latin America. Journal of Politics in Latin America. 5 (2), 37-70

Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2012). The alternative incumbency effect: Electing women legislators in Indonesia. Electoral Studies. 31 (3), 576-587

Books (2)

Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2019). Electoral Reform and the Fate of New Democracies Lessons from the Indonesian Case. Weiser Center for Emerging Dem. 0472131508. 9780472131501

Osterkatz, SC., Niedzwiecki, S. and Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2016). Measuring Regional Authority A Postfunctionalist Theory of Governance. Oxford University Press. 0198728875. 9780198728870

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Improving Maternal Health Outcomes: The effects of decentralization and on prenatal health preferences in India

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