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Dr Daniel Schumacher

Visiting Fellow
Department of History
Dr Daniel Schumacher



I received my Ph.D. in Modern History from the University of Konstanz, where I studied under global historian Jürgen Osterhammel, worked at the University's Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration", and was a key investigator of the British Academy-sponsored "Writing the War in Asia Network". Prior to joining the University of Essex at the end of 2014, I completed a DAAD Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Hong Kong. At Essex, I am a visiting fellow in the History Department, where I coordinate the "War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership" (WARMAP). This Leverhulme-project investigates the socio-political and economic dimensions of Asia's conflict heritage in the post-war world and connects the University with leading research centres in Singapore, China, Japan, and Australia. Besides the study of war and memory, global and public history, I also have a keen interest in the didactics of history and digital education, both as an academic and as a practitioner. Currently, I am dividing my time between doing research in the UK and teaching in Germany.


  • Dr. phil. University of Konstanz,

  • Staatsexamen II [M.Ed.] SSDL Rottweil,

  • Staatsexamen I [M.A.] University of Tübingen,

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

Asia’s global memory wars and solidarity across borders: diaspora activism in the United States and Germany

Invited presentation, The Politics of War-related Heritage in Contemporary Asia, Fukuoka, Japan, 6/9/2019

The Global Dimension of "Comfort Women" Memory

Invited presentation, Die Ungelöste „Trostfrauen“-Problematik: Kontinuität sexualisierter Gewalt gegen Frauen weltweit, Korea-Verband, Berlin, Germany, 8/6/2019

A Path to Peace and Cooperation? Cultural Aspects of China's Belt and Road Initiative

Invited presentation, China-Asia Networking Event, Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany, 30/4/2019

Painting a clearer picture? Digital Narrativity in History Education

Invited presentation, Research seminar, Konstanz, Germany, 4/12/2018

"One Belt, One Road...One History? Heritage Tourism along China's new Silk Road"

Invited presentation, Business practices in Southeast Asia, Konstanz, Germany, 10/4/2018

"Power and Memory: war veterans and social activism in Asia's port cities",

International conference Exhibiting the Fall: Remembering and Representing War and Its Aftermath in Asia, Singapore, 4/9/2017

"Poppies, Pensions, Passports: The British Legion and transnational civil society action in decolonizing Hong Kong"

International Workshop: War Veterans and the World after 1945: Social Movements, Cold War Politics, and Decolonization, LMU Munich., Munich, Germany, 7/7/2017

Chinese Nationalism with British Characteristics: Commemorating the World Wars in Colonial Hong Kong"

Invited presentation, International Symposium: The Turmoil of History. Memories, Narratives, Representation, and Mid-20th Century China (歷史的躁動:回憶、敘述與二十世紀中期的中國), Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China, 28/5/2017

"Boom & Bust? Conflict Heritage and Memory-making in East and Southeast Asia",

, Workshop Series: Asian Heritage Diplomacy: From Conflict to Cooperation (亚洲遗产外交: 从冲突走向合作), Department of History, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, 6/9/2016

"Project-based Learning and Its Applications"

Invited presentation, , International Workshop: A New Model for Education in China, SKT Education Group 思珂特教育, Shenzhen., Shenzhen, China, 27/5/2016

"Citizenship, Heritage, and Remembrance in East Asia"

International Workshop: Pasts Not Past. War Memories and Memoryscapes in a Transforming Asia, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 7/1/2016

"Mending the Wounds of War: Post-conflict Humanitarian Relief Work in Hong Kong and Singapore",

Social History Society Annual Conference,, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 31/3/2015

"Asia’s 'Memory Boom' and the Difficult Heritage of War",

Research Seminar, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 12/6/2014

"Memoryscapes as Infrastructures: Regulation and Empowerment in Southeast Asia"

International Workshop: Asia’s ‘Great’ War. Memories and Memoryscapes of the 1937-1945 Conflict,, Colchester, United Kingdom, 22/3/2014

"The Enfranchising Dimension of Official War Commemoration in Hong Kong and Singapore"

International Workshop: China, World War II, and the Politics of Memory,, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 3/4/2013

"Decolonizing World War II Commemoration in Hong Kong"

Interdisciplinary Symposium: Cultures of Decolonization, University of London, London, United Kingdom, 30/5/2012

"The Role of Governmental and Private Agents in World War II Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia"

World History Association Symposium: Southeast Asia and World History, Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, Siem Reap., Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2/1/2012


Journal articles (5)

Schumacher, D. and Laubenthal, B., (2018). Colonial memories and transnational mobilizations: Asia’s colonial veterans and their struggle for British citizenship, c.1980-2015. Memory Studies, 175069801878411-175069801878411

Frost, MR. and Schumacher, D., (2017). Wartime globalization in Asia, 1937-1945, conflicted connections and convergences. Modern Asian Studies. 51 (6), 1922-1935

Schumacher, D., (2017). Book Review: Eastern Fortress: A Military History of Hong Kong, 1840-1970. WAR IN HISTORY. 24 (1), 117-119

Schumacher, D., (2015). Asia's 'Boom' of Difficult Memories: Remembering World War Two Across East and Southeast Asia. History Compass. 13 (11), 560-577

Schumacher, D., (2014). 'Privates to the Fore’: World War II Heritage Tourism in Hong Kong and Singapore. World History Connected : The e-Journal of Teaching and Learning. 11 (1)

Books (2)

Frost, MR., Vickers, E. and Schumacher, D., (2019). Remembering Asia's World War Two. Routledge. 9780367111328

Schumacher, D. and Yeo, S., (2018). Exhibiting the Fall of Singapore: Close Readings of a Global Event. National Museum of Singapore. 978 981 11 6461 3

Book chapters (7)

Frost, MR., Vickers, E. and Schumacher, D., (2019). Locating Asia's War Memory Boom: a new temporal and geopolitcal perspective. In: Remembering Asia's World War Two. Routledge. 1- 24. 9780367111328

Schumacher, D., (2019). Transition and Transnational Loyalties: World War Two remembrance and in the overseas Chinese in Singapore. In: Remembering Asia's World War Two. Editors: Frost, M., Schumacher, D. and Vickers, E., . Routledge. 156- 173

Schumacher, D., (2019). Transition and Transnational Loyalties. In: Remembering Asia's World War Two. Routledge. 156- 173. 9780367111328

Schumacher, D., (2018). Poppies, pensions, passports: the British Legion and transnational civil society action in decolonizing Hong Kong. In: War Veterans and the World after 1945: Cold War Politics, Decolonization, Memory. Editors: Alcalde, A. and Núñez Seixas, XM., . Routledge. 100- 114. 9780815359715

Schumacher, D., (2018). Bevor die Europäer kamen: Handelsnetze in Asien [Before the Europeans came: trading networks in Asia]. In: Zeit für Geschichte. Schülerband. Einführungsphase. Niedersachsen. Editors: Eckardt, H-W., . Westermann. 224- 225. 3507366401. 9783507366404

Schumacher, D., (2018). Zeitenwenden in Asien [Historical turning points in Asia]. In: Zeit für Geschichte. Schülerband. Einführungsphase. Niedersachsen. Editors: Eckardt, H-W., . Westermann. 262- 263. 3507366401. 9783507366404

Schumacher, D., Ang, I., Muzaini, H. and Yeoh, BSA., (2018). Concluding Remarks - The Fall of Singapore: a global event revisited. In: Exhibiting the Fall of Singapore: Close Readings of a Global Event. Editors: Schumacher, D. and Yeo, S., . National Museum of Singapore. 180- 183. 978 981 11 6461 3

Reports and Papers (1)

Schumacher, D. and Kranzer, J., (2011). Globalgeschichte lehren [Teaching Global History]

Thesis dissertation (2)

Schumacher, D., (2014). Strategies of World War II Remembrance in Hong Kong and Singapore

Schumacher, D., (2008). Konstruktion von Erinnerung: Britischer Remembrance Sunday. Royal British Legion, Schulen und Universitäten im Vergleich

Other (1)

Frost, M. and Schumacher, D., WARMAP (the War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership) website

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War Memoryscapes in Asia Partnership: routes to post-conflict reconciliation

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