Daniel Redhead

Graduate Laboratory Assistant
Department of Psychology
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Psychology
 Daniel Redhead


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  • The dual model of social hierarchy
  • The traits associated with making and maintaining friends and cooperative partners
  • Dynamic longitudinal modelling


Daniel initially studied Archaeology and Anthropology (BA) at Durham University, during which time he became interested in the traits and processes associated with social status and leadership. He then completed his MSc (Masters by research) in Anthropology at Durham University where his thesis assessed the impact of prestige and dominance on social status and social networks among groups of social orphans in Romania. Following this, Daniel started his PhD at the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex. Working with his supervisors, Dr. Rick O'gorman and Dr. Tom Foulsham, and international collaborators, Daniel's PhD takes an examines the dynamic relationships between prestige, dominance and processes of human social hierarchy.


  • BA Archaeology and Anthropology Durham University (2014)

  • MSc (Masters by Research) in Evolutionary and Socio-Cultural Anthropology Durham University (2015)

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The Dynamics of Social Hierarchy

Research interests

Social Hierarchy

Social Network Dynamics

Personality and epigenetic age

Longitudinal Modelling



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