Dr Kate Randall

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Dr Kate Randall



Link to supervisors staff webpage: As part of my role at Essex University I am assiting with the supervison of two PhD students: Miss Dannielle Harris: Miss Hannah Prentice:


  • Sept 2011- Jan 2016 PhD

  • 'The microbial ecology of the soil plant interface' University College Dublin

  • 2010-2011 MSc Soil Science - Aberdeen University

  • 2006-2009 BSc Forensic Science - Northumbria University

Research and professional activities

Current research

Postdoctoral research officer (Jan 2016 - Jan 2020)

NERC Award no: NE/M02086X/1 Impacts of global warming: from genes to ecosystems

Being able to predict the future responses to global warming is vital if we are to adapt affectively. At present our understanding is hindered due to differences in experimental scale, time constraints and confined measures of ecological responses. Freshwater systems compose a small portion of the Earths surface, yet they are home to a disproportionately large number of organisms. Climate change and anthropogenic activates are currently impacting these systems and they are experiencing biodiversity loss at a greater rate than terrestrial ecosystems. A better understanding of how changes in biodiversity impact the biogeochemical cycling and the goods and services freshwater ecosystems provide is therefore vital. In light of this, the overarching goal of this large collaborative and multidisciplinary project is to produce a comprehensive and holistic insight into ecological interactions and responses to global warming, alongside coordinated measurements of key processes. This information will be acquired from multiple and multi-scaled experiments and surveys across continents and biomes, targeting a broad range of taxa. This includes the incorporation of the microbial communities which are currently lacking from ecological climate research.

My role within this project is to characterise and quantify taxonomic and functional microbial responses to global warming within freshwater sediment using next generation metagenetic sequencing of both DNA and RNA. Samples I will analyse span multiple scales from lab based microcosms, large pond mesocosms, right through to global scale arctic freshwater streams. I will conduct the bioinformatics analysis of all the microbial metagenetic data, in addition to a full metatranscriptomic analysis of a sub-set of the arctic streams. In addition, I am involved in collating data from all work packages associated with the project in order to generate a large ecoinformatics dataset. This dataset will then be used to build ecological networks, computational and ecological models, bridging the gaps in global warming research.

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Journal articles (4)

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