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Dr Alejandro Quiroz Flores

Reader and Chief Scientific Adviser
Department of Government
Dr Alejandro Quiroz Flores
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  • Ph.D. in Politics, New York University, 2010

  • M.A. in Politics, New York University, 2006

  • M.Phil. in Latin American Studies, University of Oxford, St. Antony's College, 2003

  • B.A. (Hons) in Political Science and International Relations, CIDE, Mexico, 2001


University of Essex

  • Director of Recruitment, Department of Government, University of Essex (1/9/2017 - 19/4/2019)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Political Economy

Politics and Economics of Natural Disasters

Leader Survival


Teaching and supervision

Previous supervision

Larissa Christina Soon-Jung Kim Kersten
Larissa Christina Soon-Jung Kim Kersten
Thesis title: Food Security and Preferential Trade Agreements
Degree subject: Government
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 21/8/2018
Rebecca Elizabeth Cordell
Rebecca Elizabeth Cordell
Thesis title: Did 9/11 Change Everything? Security and Human Rights Tradeoffs in International Cooperation
Degree subject: Government
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 10/11/2017


Journal articles (8)

Quiroz Flores, A., (2018). Protecting People from Natural Disasters: Political Institutions and Ocean-Originated Hazards. Political Science Research and Methods. 6 (1), 111-134

Quiroz Flores, A. and Whiteley, P., (2018). The 'Beeching Axe' and Electoral Support in Britain. European Review of Economic History. 22 (3), 361-379

Plümper, T., Quiroz Flores, A. and Neumayer, E., (2017). The double-edged sword of learning from disasters: Mortality in the Tohoku tsunami. Global Environmental Change. 44, 49-56

Quiroz Flores, A. and Smith, A., (2013). Leader Survival and Natural Disasters. British Journal of Political Science. 43 (4), 821-843

Quiroz Flores, A., (2012). A Competing Risks Model of War Termination and Leader Change1. International Studies Quarterly. 56 (4), 809-819

Quiroz Flores, A. and Smith, A., (2011). Leader Survival and Cabinet Change. Economics and Politics. 23 (3), 345-365

Quiroz Flores, A., (2011). Alliances as Contiguity in Spatial Models of Military Expenditures. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 28 (4), 402-418

Quiroz Flores, A., (2009). The Political Survival of Foreign Ministers. Foreign Policy Analysis. 5 (2), 117-133

Books (2)

Quiroz Flores, A., (2016). Ministerial Survival During Political and Cabinet Change: Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy and War. Routledge

Getmansky, A. and Quiroz Flores, A., (2013). Applying the Strategic Perspective Problems and Models, Workbook (Fifth Edition). CQ Press. 9781452228006

Book chapters (2)

Quiroz Flores, A., (2019). Are There Really Dictatorships? The Selectorate and Authoritarian Governance. In: The Oxford Handbook of Public Choice. Editors: Congleton, RD., Grofman, B. and Voigt, S., . Oxford Handbooks. 310- 327. 0190469773. 9780190469771

Quiroz Flores, A., (2015). United States of America: The Cabinet. In: The Selection of Ministers around the World. Editors: Dowding, K. and Dumont, P., . Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. 978-0-415-63346-8

Grants and funding


Reducing Child Vulnerability in the Aftermath of Disasters

University of Essex


The Economic Effects of the Beeching Report 1961-2011

The British Academy


+44 (0) 1206 872193


PARKSIDE, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

By Appointment.

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