Dr Caspar Pearson

Senior Lecturer
Interdisciplinary Studies Centre (ISC)
Dr Caspar Pearson



Caspar Pearson specialises in the art, architecture and urbanism of the Italian Renaissance. In addition, he writes about some aspects of contemporary architecture and urbanism, particularly in relation to the European Union and the process of globalisation. His work also explores issues relating to historiography and exhibitions. Caspar's first book, Humanism and the Urban World: Leon Battista Alberti and the Renaissance City, was published by Penn State University Press in 2011. He continues to work on Leon Battista Alberti and the theory and practice of Renaissance architecture. His current book project, The Classical Disorders, examines material from the Italian Renaissance but situates it in relation to material from other chronological periods and geographical areas. He is on sabbatical leave during the spring and summer terms of 2018.


University of Essex

  • Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Essex ( 1/5/2013 - 15/12/2017 )

  • Director of European Studies, University of Essex ( 1/8/2008 - 15/8/2017 )

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Renaissance Art and Architecture

Leon Battista Alberti

Urbanism and Town Planning

Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism

The European Union

Teaching and supervision

  • Art and Ideas: I(A) (AR113)

  • Visualising Bodies (AR345)

  • Dissertation - Final Year Art History and Theory (AR382)

  • Final Year Dissertation Project (AR383)

  • Topics in Art History (AR938)

  • Europe: Myth and Idea (CS102)

  • Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism (CS301)


Journals (6)

Pearson, C., (2017). The Imaginative Struggles of Europe. City. 21 (3-4)

Pearson, C., (2016). Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowship: The renaissance of the Renaissance? Architecture and urbanism between Italy and England. Papers of the British School at Rome. 84

Pearson, C., (2013). EUtopia? The European Union and the Parlamentarium in Brussels. City. 17 (5)

Pearson, C., (2012). New Labour?new renaissance. City. 16 (5)

Pearson, C., (2011). Philosophy Defeated: Truth and Vision in Leon Battista Alberti's Momus. Oxford Art Journal. 34 (1)

Pearson, CW., Humourless Laughter and Classical Architecture: Bruno Zevi on Leon Battista Alberti. Albertiana. XXI (n.s. III) (2)

Chapters (1)

Pearson, C., (2015). Taming the Beast: Alberti on the Origins of Mankind and the City. In: The Founding Myths of Architecture. Editors: Buhagiar, K., Dreyfuss, G. and Bruenslow, J., . Artifice Books on Architecture. 9781907317170

Books (1)

Pearson, C., (2011).Humanism and the Urban World: Leon Battista Alberti and the Renaissance City. Penn State University Press. 9780271048550

Grants and funding


The renaissance of the Renaissance? Architecture and Urbanism Between Italy and England

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