Dr Julia Partheymueller

DAAD Lecturer
Department of Government
Dr Julia Partheymueller

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Voting Behaviour, Elections and Referenda

Political Participation

Social Capital

Social Networks

Political Communication

Political Parties

Political Representation

Comparative Politics

European Politics

German Politics,

Democracy and the European Union

Survey Research

Research Design

Quantitative Methods

Teaching and supervision

  • Institutions of Democracy (GV121)

  • The European Union: Institutions and Policies (GV271)

  • German Politics (GV383)

  • Comparative European Politics (GV952)


Chapters (3)

Partheymueller, J., (2017). Agenda-setting dynamics during the campaign period. In: Voters and Voting in Context: Multiple Contexts and Heterogeneous Electorates. 13- 42. 9780198792130

Johnston, R., Partheymueller, JUB. and Schmitt-Beck, R., Activation of Fundamentals in German Campaigns. In: Voters on the Move Or on the Run?. 217- 237

Faas, T. and Partheymueller, JUB., Aber jetzt?! Politische Internetnutzung in den Bundestagswahlkämpfen 2005 und 2009. In: Das Internet im Wahlkampf. 119- 135

Dataset (1)

Rattinger, H., Roßteutscher, S., Schmitt-Beck, R., Weßels, B., Wolf, C. and Partheymueller, JUB., (2017).Rolling Cross-Section Campaign Survey with Post-election Panel Wave (GLES 2013)

Journals (5)

Schmitt-Beck, R. and Partheymüller, J., (2016). A Two-Stage Theory of Discussant Influence on Vote Choice in Multiparty Systems. British Journal of Political Science. 46 (02)

Partheymüller, J. and Faas, T., (2015). The Impact of Online versus Offline Campaign Information on Citizens’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Political Behaviour: Comparing the German Federal Elections of 2005 and 2009. German Politics. 24 (4)

Partheymüller, J. and Schmitt-Beck, R., (2012). A “Social Logic” of Demobilization: The Influence of Political Discussants on Electoral Participation at the 2009 German Federal Election. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties. 22 (4)

Schmitt-Beck, R. and Partheymüller, J., (2012). Why Voters Decide Late: A Simultaneous Test of Old and New Hypotheses at the 2005 and 2009 German Federal Elections. German Politics. 21 (3)

Schmitt-Beck, R., Partheymueller, J. and Faas, T., (2012). Influences of Political Discussants on Party Preferences: The 'Social Logic' of Political Behavior at the 2009 German Federal Election. POLITISCHE VIERTELJAHRESSCHRIFT

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