Franco Palazzi

Assistant Lecturer
School of Philosophy and Art History
 Franco Palazzi



Main academic publications F. Palazzi (2015). Eichmann e noi una rilettura di Hannah Arendt sul giudizio (Eichmann and us rereading Hannah Arendt on judgment), Bollettino telematico di filosofia politica, pp. 1-36. G. Aprile, G. Malgieri, F. Palazzi (2016). Transexualism and Gender Identity: the Evolution of a Former Stasis. Legal, Medical and Philosophical Considerations", Italian Review of Legal Medicine and Law in Healthcare Area, 2/2016, pp. 57-91. F. Palazzi (2017). Reflections on Little Rock and Reflective Judgment, Philosophical Papers 46(3), pp. 389-441. F. Palazzi (2019). Epistemic Injustice and #MeToo: Some Initial Remarks, Berkeley Journal of Sociology 62, pp. 8-18. F. Palazzi (2019). Tempo presente. Per una filosofia politica dellattualità (Present Tense. Towards a Political Philosophy of Current Affairs), Verona: ombre corte, ISBN: 978-8869481222, pp. 1-198. F. Palazzi (2019). "Academic Depression as Political Loneliness", in C. Emmenegger, G. Mondino, M. Stambazzi (eds.), A Lonely Road. Collective Reflections on Political Solitude, Turin: Accademia University Press, pp. 80-100. F. Palazzi (2021). La politica della rabbia. Per una balistica filosofica (The Politics of Anger. A Philosophical Ballistics), Milano: nottetempo, ISBN: 9788874529087, pp. 1-300. F. Palazzi (2021), Review of Massimiliano Tombas Insurgent Universality (Oxford University Press, 2019), in Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 42(1), pp. 232-235 F. Palazzi (forthcoming), On Revolts, Migrations and Their Boundaries, Contemporary Political Theory, (extended review essay). Main non-academic publications Renzis Right Way. Italys Constitutional Reform Vote (with Moreno Stambazzi), Public Seminar, 12/3/2016. Giulio Regeni: Toward a Radical Use of Memory (with Michela Pusterla), Public Seminar, 1/24/2017. Remembering against the tide: Giulio Regeni and the transnational horizons of memory (with Michela Pusterla), openDemocracy, 1/25/2018. Choose Your Pill. Operations of Capital, Psychiatry, and the Construction of Gender, Public Seminar, 6/27/2018. The Dead Remind Us (with Michela Pusterla), Jacobin, 1/25/2019. Giulio Regeni: la memoria del cuerpo (with Michela Pusterla), El Salto, 2/3/2019. Your Classes Are on Zoom and Your Teaching Staff Is Being Cut, Jacobin, 4/30/2020. Main academic presentations Transsexuals Struggle for Legal Visibility: A Comparative, Multidisciplinary Analysis (with G. Aprile and G. Malgieri), Law and Culture Conference 2016: (In)visibility, St. Marys University (London), 9/5-6/2016 (peer reviewed). Prendere il populismo sul serio (Taking populism seriously), Identità, uguaglianza epopolo?, Series of conferences on the forthcoming French presidential elections, SantAnna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa 1/9/2017 (invited speaker). Giulio Regeni: Toward a Radical Use of Memory (with Michela Pusterla), For Whom and What Do We Grieve, When and Where: the Geo-Politics of Diverse Experiences of Death, Bereavement and Remembrance: Human and Non-Human, Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference, London, 8/29-9/1 2017 (peer reviewed). Intergenerational Dynamics and Climate Change: Contributions from Experimental Economics (with Silvio Ravaioli), ISERP Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminars Series, Columbia University, New York, 3/27/2018 (peer-reviewed). Giulio Regeni: Towards a Radical and Transnational Use of Memory (with Michela Pusterla), Memory Rebound. A Conference Celebrating 10 Years, New School for Social Research, New York, 4/14/2018 (peer-reviewed). Depression in Neoliberal Academia: An Overview, Entanglements in Late Capitalism: Instruments and Precarity, New School for Social Research, New York, 4/12/2019 (invited speaker). Reclaim Your Rage, University of Padua, Political Science Department, Padua, 10/12/2021. La politica della rabbia (The Politics of Anger), Inter-University seminar in Political Philosophy, SantAnna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, 5/12/2022.


  • BA in Political Science University of Pisa, Italy (2016)

  • MA in Philosophy New School for Social Research, New York (2019)

  • PhD in Philosophy University of Essex (2023)

Research and professional activities


A Political Philosophy of Anger

Supervisor: Lorna Finlayson



Colchester Campus