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Dr Patrick Nolen
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Patrick Nolen joined the department after finishing his studies at Cornell University. His research interests focus on behavioural, experimental, and development economics. Recent publications have looked at gender differences in risk and competition and the impact of single-sex classes on educational outcomes.


  • PhD Economics Cornell University (2006)

  • MA Economics Cornell University (2004)

  • Visiting PhD Student Harvard University (2005)

  • BSc Mathematics and Economics Trinity College (2000)


University of Essex

  • Senior Lecturer, Economics University of Essex ( 1/10/2013 - present )

  • Lecturer, Economics University of Essex ( 1/9/2006 - 30/9/2013 )

Other academic

  • Visiting Research Associate, Yale University ( 1/9/2008 - 31/8/2009 )

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Behavioural and Experimental



Teaching and supervision

  • Economic Development Theory (EC902)


Reports and Papers (2)

Breinlich, H., Donaldson, D., Nolen, PJ. and Wright, GC., (2017). Information, Perceptions and Exporting - Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Klonner, S. and Nolen, PJ., (2010). Cell Phones and Rural Labor Markets: Evidence from South Africa

Journals (7)

Belot, M., James, J. and Nolen, P., (2016). Incentives and children's dietary choices: A field experiment in primary schools. Journal of Health Economics. 50

Booth, A., Cardona-Sosa, L. and Nolen, P., (2014). Gender differences in risk aversion: Do single-sex environments affect their development?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 99

Booth, AL. and Nolen, PJ., (2014). Can Risk-taking Preferences be Modified? Some Experimental Evidence. CESifo Economic Studies. 61 (1)

Nolen, PJ., (2013). Unemployment and household values: Distribution sensitive measures of unemployment. Labour Economics. 24

Booth, A. and Nolen, P., (2012). Choosing to compete: How different are girls and boys?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 81 (2)

Booth, AL. and Nolen, P., (2012). Gender differences in risk behaviour: does nurture matter?*. The Economic Journal. 122 (558)

Booth, AL. and Nolen, PJ., (2012). Salience, risky choices and gender. Economics Letters. 117 (2)

Chapters (2)

Nolen, PJ. and Hutchens, R., (2015). Will the Real Family-Friendly Employer Please Stand Up: Who Permits Parents to Reduce Working Hours For Purposes of Childcare?. In: Workplace Flexibility Realigning 20th-Century Jobs for a 21st-Century Workforce. Cornell University Press. 0801457203. 9780801457203

Nolen, PJ. and Basu, K., (2008). Unemployment and Vulnerability: A New Class of Measures, Its Axiomatic Properties and Applications. In: Rational Choice and Social Welfare Theory and Applications. Editors: Tadenuma, K., Xu, Y., Yoshihara, N. and Pattaniaik, P., . Springer Science & Business Media. 3540798323. 9783540798323

Grants and funding


A comparative study of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alternative poverty eradication interventions in extremely poor areas of Northern Ghana

Economic & Social Research Council


Secondary Analysis of Data from UKTI Survey

BIS Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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