Phillip Nelson

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Government
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Government
 Phillip Nelson



GV315 Political Economy of International Relations GV508 The Analysis of Conflict and Peace


  • MSSc in Peace and Conflict Studies Uppsala University, Sweden (2014)

  • MA in Economics and International Relations University of St. Andrews, Scotland (2009)

Research and professional activities


The Enterprise of Peace

Civil war is rare in Western countries. Economic development clearly correlates with more internally peaceful societies but debate continues as to the true drivers of this relationship. Many theories have been advanced, the most notable of which is the opportunity cost theory of rebellion, which presents a mechanism through higher income from work to a reduced incentive to engage in conflict. However, this theory assumes that all increases in the average income of a country will make people happ

Supervisor: Professor Kristian Gleditsch , Professor Han Dorussen

Research interests

Economic Development | Civil Conflict | Liberal Peace | Business4Peace | Consumption Opportunities

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5A.214, Colchester Campus