Dr Kitty Kioskli

Research Fellow
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Kitty Kioskli

Research and professional activities

Research interests


digital therapeutics

psychosocial and human factors

behaviour change


personalised behavioural medicine

long-term conditions

cognitive and psychological assessment and interventions


Journal articles (13)

Fotis, T., Kioskli, K., Sundaralingam, A., Fasihi, A. and Mouratidis, H., (2023). Co-creation in a digital health living lab: A case study.. Frontiers in Public Health. 10, 892930-

Chatzisymeonidis, S. and Kioskli, K., (2023). An observational study of domestic violence in Greece during COVID-19 through police records: The profile of heinous crimes between nuclear and extended family relationships. Policing: a journal of policy and practice. 17 (1), paad004-

Kioskli, K., Fotis, T., Nifakos, S. and Mouratidis, H., (2023). The Importance of Conceptualising the Human-Centric Approach in Maintaining and Promoting Cybersecurity-Hygiene in Healthcare 4.0. Applied Sciences. 13 (6), 3410-3410

Chatzisymeonidis, S. and Kioskli, K., (2023). Insights and risk factors of involuntary hospitalizations through a retrospective analysis of police records: differences between involuntarily and non-hospitalized patients. Current Psychology

Kioskli, K., Papastergiou, S. and Fotis, T., (2023). A Swarm-Based Clinical Validation Framework of Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Non-Communicable Diseases. Journal of Engineering Research and Sciences. 2 (9), 1-11

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Kioskli, K., Dellagiacoma, D., Fotis, T. and Mouratidis, H., (2022). The supply chain of a Living Lab: Modelling security, privacy, and vulnerability issues alongside with their impact and potential mitigation strategies. Journal of Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications. 13 (2), 147-182

Yu, L., Kioskli, K. and McCracken, LM., (2021). The Psychological Functioning in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Association With Psychological Flexibility and Broader Functioning in People With Chronic Pain. The Journal of Pain. 22 (8), 926-939

Pavlova, NT., Kioskli, K., Smith, C., Picariello, F., Rayner, L. and Moss‐Morris, R., (2021). Psychosocial aspects of obesity in adults with psoriasis: A systematic review. Skin Health and Disease. 1 (2)

Kioskli, K., Scott, W., Winkley, K., Godfrey, E. and McCracken, LM., (2020). Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for People with Painful Diabetic Neuropathy in the United Kingdom: A Single-Arm Feasibility Trial. Pain Medicine. 21 (11), 2777-2788

Kioskli, K., Scott, W., Winkley, K., Kylakos, S. and McCracken, LM., (2019). Psychosocial Factors in Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: A Systematic Review of Treatment Trials and Survey Studies. Pain Medicine. 20 (9), 1756-1773

Kioskli, K., Winkley, K. and McCracken, LM., (2019). Might psychological flexibility processes and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) apply in adults with painful diabetic neuropathy? A cross-sectional survey. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science. 13, 66-73

Scott, W., Arkuter, C., Kioskli, K., Kemp, H., McCracken, LM., Rice, ASC. and de C. Williams, AC., (2018). Psychosocial factors associated with persistent pain in people with HIV: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Pain. 159 (12), 2461-2476

Conferences (7)

Kioskli, K., Mouratidis, H. and Polemi, N., Bringing humans at the core of cybersecurity: Challenges and future research directions

Polemi, N. and Kioskli, K., Enhancing practical cybersecurity skills: The ECSF and the CyberSecPro European efforts

Kioskli, K. and Papastergiou, S., (2023). A Swarm Artificial Intelligence Approach for Effective Treatment of Chronic Conditions

Rajamäki, J., Rathod, P. and Kioskli, K., (2023). Demand Analysis of the Cybersecurity Knowledge Areas and Skills for the Nurses: Preliminary Findings

Kioskli, K., Fotis, T. and Mouratidis, H., (2021). The landscape of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and challenges in healthcare: Security standards and paradigm shift recommendations

Kioskli, K. and Danassi, E., (2021). Design, method and apparatus of a computerized cognitive gamified training program targeting to maintain and improve cognitive health in older adults

Kioskli, K. and Polemi, N., (2020). Measuring Psychosocial and Behavioural Factors Improves Attack Potential Estimates

Grants and funding


A Dynamic and Self-Organized Artificial Swarm Intelligence Solution for Security and Privacy Threats in Healthcare ICT Infrastructures

European Commission



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