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Dr Yuni Kim
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I am originally from the United States and came to the UK in 2009, where I was a lecturer at Manchester before moving to Essex in 2017. My research focuses on the phonological and morphological analysis of understudied languages and dialects. Some particular interests of mine are morphophonology, tone systems, subsegmental representations, phonetic description, inflection class systems, and patterns of allomorphy; as well as the broader enterprises of whole-language description and endangered language revitalisation. I work mainly on two Mesoamerican languages: Huave, an isolate (also the topic of my 2008 PhD thesis); and Amuzgo, from the Oto-Manguean family. Previously I did research on Fenno-Swedish dialects as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Helsinki, and I maintain an interest in Swedish and Finnish, alongside personal connections with Korean and Brazilian Portuguese. I have a side interest in ethnobotany as a central perspective on language and culture in traditional societies, and have completed a PgDip in Biological Recording through Manchester Metropolitan University.


  • AB summa cum laude Harvard University, (2002)

  • PhD University of California, Berkeley, (2008)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Language and Linguistics, University of Essex (3/7/2017 - present)

Other academic

  • Lecturer, University of Manchester (1/1/2009 - 30/6/2017)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Mesoamerican languages

Open to supervise


Open to supervise


Open to supervise

Language description

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

La relación entre la ortografía y las investigaciones fonológicas: algunas posibilidades para el amuzgo

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, 3rd Workshop on Sound Systems of Latin America, Amherst Center, United States, 19/10/2018

Against a stem-allomorphy analysis of Amuzgo tonal inflection

26th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, United Kingdom, 25/5/2018

Tonal markedness in Amuzgo phonology and morphology

Invited presentation, Markedness: Perspectives in Morphology and Phonology, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 13/7/2017

Language tutorial on Huave

Invited presentation, Linguistics Association of Great Britain Annual Meeting, Canterbury, United Kingdom, 2017

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Phonology (LG404)

  • Understanding Data in Linguistics (LG113)


Journal articles (9)

Kim, Y. and Hernández Hernández, N., (2021). El estatus fonológico de ND y NT en el amuzgo de San Pedro Amuzgos. Cuadernos de Lingüística de El Colegio de México. 8, 1-37

Kim, Y., (2019). A morphophonological parameter hierarchy for Amuzgo glottalization classes. Amerindia. 41, 247-278

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Kim, Y., (2010). Phonological and morphological conditions on affix order in Huave. Morphology. 20 (1), 133-163

Book chapters (4)

Kim, Y., (2020). Morphology and language documentation. In: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Editors: Lieber, R., . Oxford University Press

Kim, Y., (2016). Tonal overwriting and inflectional exponence in Amuzgo. In: Tone and Inflection New Facts and New Perspectives. Editors: Palancar, EL. and Léonard, JL., . Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG. 199- 224. 3110452758. 9783110452754

Kim, Y., (2015). Mobile affixation within a modular approach to the morphology-phonology interface. In: Affix Ordering Across Languages and Frameworks. Editors: Manova, S., . Oxford University Press, USA. 111- 123. 0190210435. 9780190210434

Kim, Y., (2008). Liljendaldialektens fonologi i språkhistorisk belysning. In: Dialekt i östra Nyland: Fältarbete i Liljendal med omnejd. Editors: Palmén, H., Sandström, C. and Östman, J-O., . Nordica. 27- 36. 9521051809

Conferences (7)

Kim, Y. and Valdovinos, M., The interaction of laryngealized vowels, stress, and falling pitch in Mariteco Cora

Kim, Y. and Sande, H., (2020). The division of labor between representations and cophonologies in doubly conditioned processes in Amuzgo

Kim, Y., (2015). Edge-based prosodic mapping and the prefix-stem boundary in Huave

Kim, Y., (2011). Algunas evidencias sobre representaciones tonales en amuzgo de San Pedro Amuzgos

Kim, Y., (2009). Alternancias causativas y estructura de eventos en el huave de San Francisco del Mar

Kim, Y., (2006). Variation and Finnish influence in Finland-Swedish dialect intonation

Kim, Y., (2005). On the phonetics of unstressed /e/ in Stockholm Swedish and Finland Swedish

Grants and funding


Unlocking the linguistic documentation of Huave: grammar, text, and community

British Academy

Documentation Of Complex Tone Systems In Endangered Tribal Languages Of Nagaland, Northeast India

British Academy

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4.209, Colchester Campus

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