Thomas Hartvigsson

Senior Research Officer
School of Philosophy and Art History
 Thomas Hartvigsson



Thomas Hartvigsson is a Senior Research Officer within the Mental Health and Justice Project working within the Insight Workstream. He just earned his PhD in practical philosophy from the University of Gothenburg. He wrote his dissertation on decision-making competence and the relationship between the right to make decisions and moral responsibility. He also has a broader interest in ethical questions pertaining to the family.


Journal articles (2)

Martin, W., Brown, M., Hartvigsson, T., Lyons, D., MacLeod, C., Morgan, G., Schölin, L., Taylor, K. and Chopra, A., (2021). SIDMA as a Criterion for Psychiatric Compulsion: An Analysis of Compulsory Treatment Orders in Scotland. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry. 78, 101736-101736

Hartvigsson, T., (2021). Between Punishment and Care: Autonomous Offenders Who Commit Crimes Under the Influence of Mental Disorder. Criminal Law and Philosophy



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