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Béatrice studied philosophy, history and literature at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and was awarded a Fellowship from the Thiers Foundation while completing her doctoral thesis on Michel Foucault. Before coming to Essex, she taught in France at the Universities of Paris IV-Sorbonne, Reims and Amiens. She was invited as a Visiting Scholar twice by the University of California (Berkeley), and by the Université de Nice (France). She is the author of L'ontologie manquée de Michel Foucault (published in the autumn of 2002 by Stanford University Press as Foucault's Critical Project: Between the Transcendental and the Historical). She has published various papers, mostly on Foucault, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Heidegger and aesthetics. She is currently Principal Investigator on a three year AHRC-funded project on The Ethics of Powerlessness: the Theological Virtues Today (EoP). The project will run for three years from 1 July 2015 and include a number of workshops and conferences. It will investigate the meaning and appropriateness of the strict division between agents and patients, the nature of medio-passive agency as well as the possible roles of the theological virtues for ethical guidance in situations of powerlessness. In recent years she has given papers at a number of universities, including Warwick, Sussex, Dundee, Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, The Wesleyan, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Brigham Young, Chicago, Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux (etc) and at various sessions of the APA (including Boston, Philadelphia, Arlington) SPEP and the ISPS (International Society for Phenomenological Studies).

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Agency, medio-passivity and the theological virtues

Foucault and XXth century philosophy, in particular phenomenology

Current research

Various papers, mostly on Nietzsche, Foucault and Heidegger

Conferences and presentations

What does acting medio-passively consist in?

London, UK, 17/6/2019

What does it mean to love life for Nietzsche?

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Brown, Providence, United States, 31/5/2019

Seminars on Powerlessness

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Santa Barbara, United States, 10/4/2019

Seminar on Foucault

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Middletown, United States, 12/4/2018

Foucault on Anthropology

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Cambridge, United States, 15/4/2015

Nietzsche and the Affirmation of Life

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Berkeley, United States, 15/4/2015

Seminars on Foucault

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Ramat Gan, Israel, 17/4/2014


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Books (1)

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Book chapters (9)

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The Ethics of Powerlessness: The Theological Virtues Today

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