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Dr. Andrew Hammond is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Sport and Pedagogy within the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences at the University of Essex. He studies education, health, and illness, the state, and sport. Andrew is broadly interested in policy enactment: how public institutions and individual experience affect the translation of institutional rules as professional practice and pedagogy. Andrew’s work has been published in the Sociology of Sport Journal and Sport, Education and Society. Andrew’s research has been funded externally by the Australian Government (Australian Research Training Scholarship), MITACS, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Economic Social Research Council. His research has also been funded and co-funded by several industry partners (Carlile Swimming) and non-profits (viaSport British Columbia). Andrew has taught courses on education policy, health policy, social theory, and research methods.


  • PhD Monash University, (2018)

  • BAppSc (Human Movement) (Hons) Victoria University, (2014)

  • BAppSc (Physical Education) Victoria University, (2012)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, University of Essex (1/10/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia (7/11/2017 - 30/9/2019)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Disability studies

Open to supervise

Social policy

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Gender and Sexuality

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Sociology of Sport

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History of Sport

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Health Policy

Health and Physical Education

Physical Activity

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Social Stratification

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Professional Skills and Development 1 (SE101)

  • Introduction to Coaching (SE107)

  • Professional Skills 2 (SE201)

  • Pedagogical Principles of Sports Coaching (SE209)

  • Research Methods in Sport and Exercise (SE230)

  • Research Project (SE309)

  • Applying Pedagogical Principles in Sport Coaching (SE333)

  • Further Research Methods in Sport, Exercise and Health (SE738)

  • Research Project (SE740)

  • Developing High-Performance Coach Education (SE767)

  • Disability, Sport and Social Change (SE768)


Journal articles (11)

Hammond, A., The Relationship between Disability and Inclusion Policy and Sports Coaches’ Perceptions of Practice. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 1-17

Hammond, A., (2022). Financing sport post-COVID-19: using Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) to help make a case for economic recovery through spending on sport and recreation. Managing Sport and Leisure. 27 (1-2), 40-44

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Hammond, A., (2013). Tips for Developing Feedback.. Swimming in Australia. 30 (2), 39-39

Book chapters (1)

Hammond, A. and Macdougall, H., (2020). Disability. In: Developing Sport for Women and Girls. Editors: Sherry, E. and Rowe, K., . Routledge. 57- 68. 9780367426552

Conferences (7)

Pentifallo Gadd, C., Hammond, A., Bundon, A., Lawson, S. and Konoval, T., Fit for Optimal Performance? Creating More Inclusive Sport Systems through Policy, Funding, and Evaluation Frameworks

Eaton, E. and Hammond, A., The Influence of Past Experiences and Media on Female University Athlete Identity

Hammond, A., Bundon, A., Pentifallo Gadd, C. and Konoval, T., Is integration the gold standard? Enactments of Integrated, Disability-Inclusive Sport Policy by Sporting Organizations in Canada

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Hammond, A., Pentifallo Gadd, C., Bundon, A. and Konoval, T., (2019). The Implementation of disability inclusive sport policy by sporting organizations in British Columbia, Canada

Pentifallo Gadd, C., Hammond, A., Bundon, A. and Konoval, T., (2019). Fit for Optimal Performance? Creating More Inclusive Sport Systems through Policy, Funding, and Evaluation Frameworks

Hammond, A., Leahy, D. and Jeanes, R., (2015). The Discourses of Disability and Disability Sports Coaching in Australian sport policy: Preliminary findings from contemporary Swimming Australia policy documents

Reports and Papers (1)

Penney, D. and Hammond, A., Report on Carlile Swimming Archive Project: Phase 1

Media (1)

Blower, N., Poerio, GL., O'Gorman, R., Lowry, R., Hammond, A. and Chiu, F., WE'RE IN THIS TOO (Documenting The Hidden) documentary film. Video

Other (2)

Hammond, A., (2018).Simon Darcy, Stephen Frawley, Daryl Adair. Managing the Paralympics, Springer Nature, The Campus, 4 Crinan Street, London, United Kingdom (2017). ISBN 978-1-1-137-43520-0, 302.,Elsevier

Hammond, AM., (2014).Sport, Exercise and Social Theory: An Introduction,Taylor & Francis

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