Joshua Grocott

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies
 Joshua Grocott



I'm a doctoral researcher in the LiFTS Department, working in the field of Creative Writing. I took both my BA and MA in Creative Writing at the University of Essex, and worked here as a GTA in 2016/17 (teaching LT193 - Critical Writing: The Essay). I am the Co-PGR Rep for the LiFTS Department currently, as I head towards the completion of my PhD. I have also worked as a professional writer, creative consultant, artist and marketing manager (concurrently) since 2010. 2016/17 LT193 - Critical Writing: The Essay Contributing Author, Another Day, ESTRO: Vol.2 No.2, (The University of Essex, May 2010 Editor, Creel: An anthology of creative writing, (Wivenbooks, 2012) Contributing Author, two poems and a graphic poem, Creel: An anthology of creative writing, (Wivenbooks, 2012) Contributing Author, An oath tae Agnes, Creel 2: An anthology of creative writing, (Wivenbooks, 2016) Contributing Author,Pandemonium, ESTRO: Vol.9 No.6, (The University of Essex, 2017


  • BA (Honours) Creative Writing, First Class, The University of Essex

  • MA Creative Writing, Distinction, The University of Essex

Research and professional activities


Panda-topia (a working title): a novel with creative commentary

Working somewhere between the genres of science and anthropological fiction, I write stories about people turning into pandas and pandas turning into people. These stories aren’t always nice, but sometimes they’re kind of funny.

Exploring issues of socio-political inequality, instability, and endemic discrimination as a matter of accepted policy; I aim to examine the modern world through the comedic (perhaps even farcical) lens of my fictional Panda-verse.

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