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Federica Genovese is a Lecturer at the Department of Government and the Eastern Academic Research Consortium (Eastern ARC) Lead for the Quantitative Social Sciences at University of Essex.Shehas a PhD in political science from University of Konstanz, andholds an MA from SAIS Johns Hopkins University and a BA from University of Toronto. Her research focuses on international organizations and international political economy, with particular attention to environmental policy, economic interdependence and international crises.


  • PhD University of Konstanz


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Government University of Essex ( 31/8/2014 - present )

Other academic

  • Eastern ARC Quantitative Social Sciences Lead, University of Essex University of Essex ( 1/9/2014 - present )

Teaching and supervision

  • Scientific Reasoning for the Social Sciences (GV110)

  • Environmental Politics (GV591)


Journal articles (7)

Bechtel, MM., Genovese, F. and Scheve, KF., Interests, Norms, and Support for the Provision of Global Public Goods: The Case of Climate Cooperation. British Journal of Political Science, 1-23

Genovese, F., (2018). Politics @Pontifex: International Crises and Political Patterns of Papal Tweets. PS: Political Science and Politics, 1-7

Genovese, F. and Tvinnereim, E., (2018). Who Opposes Climate Regulation? Business Preferences for the European Emission Trading Scheme. Review of International Organizations

Genovese, F., Kern, FG. and Martin, C., (2017). Policy Alteration: Rethinking Diffusion Processes when Policies have Alternatives. International Studies Quarterly. 61 (2), 236-252

Genovese, F., Schneider, G. and Wassmann, P., (2016). The Eurotower Strikes Back. Comparative Political Studies. 49 (7), 939-967

Genovese, F., (2015). Politics ex cathedra: Religious authority and the Pope in modern international relations. Research & Politics. 2 (4), 205316801561280-205316801561280

Genovese, F., (2014). States? interests at international climate negotiations: new measures of bargaining positions. Environmental Politics. 23 (4), 610-631

Reports and Papers (1)

Bechtel, MM., Genovese, F. and Scheve, K., (2016). Interests, Norms and Support for the Provision of Global Public Goods: The Case of Climate Cooperation

Other (1)

Genovese, F., (2012).Capabilities or Strategy: Exploring the Determinants of National Success at the International Climate Negotiations

Grants and funding


Geographic Proximity, Emotions and Immigration Attitudes in Southern Italy

British Academy

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