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Federica Genovese is a Lecturer at the Department of Government and the Eastern Academic Research Consortium (Eastern ARC) Lead for the Quantitative Social Sciences at University of Essex.Shehas a PhD in political science from University of Konstanz, andholds an MA from SAIS Johns Hopkins University and a BA from University of Toronto. Her research focuses on international organizations and international political economy, with particular attention to environmental policy, economic interdependence and international crises.


  • PhD University of Konstanz


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Government University of Essex ( 31/8/2014 - present )

Other academic

  • Eastern ARC Quantitative Social Sciences Lead, University of Essex University of Essex ( 1/9/2014 - present )

Teaching and supervision

  • Comparative Political Analysis (GV112)


Journals (5)

Genovese, F., Kern, FG. and Martin, C., (2017). Policy Alteration: Rethinking Diffusion Processes when Policies have Alternatives. International Studies Quarterly. 61 (2)

Genovese, F., Schneider, G. and Wassmann, P., (2016). The Eurotower Strikes Back. Comparative Political Studies. 49 (7)

Genovese, F., (2015). Politics ex cathedra: Religious authority and the Pope in modern international relations. Research & Politics. 2 (4)

Genovese, F., (2014). States? interests at international climate negotiations: new measures of bargaining positions. Environmental Politics. 23 (4)

Bechtel, MM., Genovese, F. and Scheve, KF., Interests, Norms, and Support for the Provision of Global Public Goods: The Case of Climate Cooperation. British Journal of Political Science

Reports and Papers (1)

Bechtel, MM., Genovese, F. and Scheve, K., (2016). Interests, Norms, and Mass Support for International Climate Policy

Other (1)

Genovese, F., (2012).Capabilities or Strategy: Exploring the Determinants of National Success at the International Climate Negotiations

+44 (0) 1206 874106


5.425, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

AU Monday 1.30-3pm SP/SU Monday 2-4pm

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