2020 applicants

Katrin Gasior

Postgraduate Research Student
Institute for Social and Economic Research
Senior Research Officer
Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)
 Katrin Gasior


Journal articles (6)

Gasior, K. and Recchia, P., (2020). The Use of Hypothetical Household Data for Policy Learning – Comparative tax-benefit indicators using EUROMOD HHoT. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice. 22 (2), 170-189

Fuchs, M., Gasior, K., Premrov, T., Hollan, K. and Scoppetta, A., (2020). Falling through the social safety net? Analysing non‐take‐up of minimum income benefit and monetary social assistance in Austria. Social Policy & Administration

Hufkens, T., Goedemé, T., Gasior, K., Leventi, C., Manios, K., Rastrigina, O., Recchia, P., Sutherland, H., Mechelen, NV. and Verbist, G., (2019). The Hypothetical Household Tool (HHoT) in EUROMOD: a new instrument for comparative research on tax-benefit policies in Europe. International Journal of Microsimulation. 12 (3), 68-85

Zaidi, A., Gasior, K., Zolyomi, E., Schmidt, A., Rodrigues, R. and Marin, B., (2017). Measuring active and healthy ageing in Europe. Journal of European Social Policy. 27 (2), 138-157

Fuchs, M., Hollan, K. and Gasior, K., (2017). Simulation of an application of the Hartz-IV reform in Austria. Public Sector Economics. 41 (4), 479-500

Zaidi, A., Gasior, K. and Manchin, R., (2012). Population Aging and Intergenerational Solidarity: International Policy Frameworks and European Public Opinion. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 10 (3), 214-227

Book chapters (1)

Lelkes, O. and Gasior, K., (2018). Income Poverty in the EU: What Do We Actually Measure? Empirical Evidence on Choices, Underlying Assumptions and Implications (Based on EU-SILC 2005–2014). In: Reducing Inequalities: A Challenge for the European Union?. Editors: Carmo, RM., Rio, C. and Medgyesi, M., . Springer International Publishing. 75- 95. 978-3-319-65006-7

Scholarly Editions (1)

Jara Tamayo, HX., Gasior, K. and Makovec, M., Low incentives to work at the extensive and intensive margin in selected EU countries


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