2020 applicants

Brisneve Edullantes

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Life Sciences
 Brisneve Edullantes



Bachelor of Science (Biology). University of the Philippines Cebu, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug Cebu City, 2005 2009. Master of Engineering major in Marine Environmental Engineering. Mokpo National Maritime University, Mokpo, Chonnam, Republic of Korea, 2010 2012.

Research and professional activities


Harmful bloom-forming phytoplankton: Winners or losers in the future ocean? Perspectives from their ecophysiological responses to warming and acidification

 Harmful algal blooms (HABs) refer to a dramatic increase in the density of phytoplankton species that elicits a range of detrimental effects on aquatic ecosystem. Their impacts in the environment may exacerbate in the future, where duration, intensity and toxicity of HABs may increase in response to changes in the climate. Climate change may possibly provide favorable conditions for HABs by warming of water temperature, shifting of light levels, and elevation of CO2 levels. These mult




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