Carmen Ciancia

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Language and Linguistics
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Language and Linguistics
 Carmen Ciancia



She studied English, German and Linguistics at the University of Salerno (Italy) as an undergraduate, English Language and Linguistics at a graduate level at the University of Essex. She has worked as Course Assistant and Invigilator at the University of Salerno, and has presented a paper (2017), Social Class in Phonological Variation: the Case of /t/Glottalisation in Cockney, to Languaging Diversity 4th International Conference, University of Cagliari, 28-30 September. She is also member of the I-Land (Identity, Language and Diversity) Research Centre, Naples (Italy), and member of the International Society for the Linguistics of English, London. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Sociolinguistics at the University of Essex, and is teaching Language in Society as a GTA.


  • BA, Language and Linguistics, University of Salerno (Italy), (2014)

  • MA, English Language and Linguistics. University of Essex, (2016)

Research and professional activities


A Sociolinguistic Study of /-t,d/ Deletion and /t/ Glottaling in British English

Supervisor: Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Research interests


Language Variation and Change


Language/Dialect Maintenance, Shift



Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Academic Support Hours Tuesday 1-2pm