Fangfei Chen

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of History
 Fangfei Chen



I am a MPhil/Ph.D candidate of History at the University of Essex since October 2013, with primary focus on the research of photographic materials and oral history. I have a bachelors degree in History from the Capital Normal University in Beijing (2010), a Masters degree in Arts Market Appraisal from Kingston University (2011), and a Masters degree from the University of St. Andrews in the History of Photography (2012). After graduated from St. Andrews, I interned for the photographic archive in the University of St. Andrews. My interviews and reviews have been published by Art Gallery, Art Guide and The World of Photography etc. 2013?10??,??????????????????,???????????????2010??????????????????????????,???????????????,?????????????????,??????????,????????????????????,????????????Hemera???,Hemera???????????????????????Hemera???????,??????????????????,??«????»?«??»?«????»?

Research and professional activities


Coping with revolution and tradition: a study of photography, photographers and photographic institutions, 1966-1976



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