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Dr Kakia Chatsiou
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I am currently working as a Senior Researcher, at the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre. My research focuses on automated, quantitative methods of processing large amounts of textual and other forms of unstructured data – mainly political texts and social media – and the methodology of text mining. I have published on applications of measurement and the analysis of text as data on machine learning methods and deep learning. I am also applying machine learning and natural language processing techniques to the analysis of public policy. My substantive research interests centre on resilience and the role of public policies and institutions at different levels of governance in shaping it. I have worked as an evaluation and digital tranformation scientiic advisor with local authorities and voluntary sector organisations in the UK and have delivered training to policy makers on evaluation practices, text analytics and data enabling transformation. Recent evaluation work includes the evaluation of the Essex Data Platform programme (Essex County Council) and she is currently supporting Essex Dementia Challenge Prize contestants evaluate solutions aimed at improving the life of people with dementia (Essex County Council). I am a member of the Natural Language and Information Processing Research Group, the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences and have represented the University at the Wider Eastern Information Stakeholder Forum.


  • PhD in Natural Language Processing University of Essex, (2010)

  • MA in Computational Linguistics University of Essex, (2005)

  • BA in Greek and English Language and Literature National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, (2004)


University of Essex

  • Senior Research Officer, University of Essex (20/2/2017 - present)

  • Data Scientist, University of Essex; SOAS, University of London (2010 - 2017)

  • Lecturer (p/t), Computational Linguistics, Language and Linguistics, University of Essex (1/9/2009 - 31/12/2009)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Natural Language Processing


Journal articles (3)

Chamberlain, J., Turpin, B., Maged, A., Chatsiou, A. and O'Callaghan, K., Designing for Collective Intelligence and Community Resilience on Social Networks. Human Computation

Chatsiou, K., Text Classification of Manifestos and COVID-19 Press Briefings using BERT and Convolutional Neural Networks

Yannitell Reinhardt, G. and Chatsiou, K., (2019). Using community education interventions to build resilience and avert crises: how accidental dwelling fires decreased in Essex County, UK. Local Government Studies. 45 (3), 394-412

Book chapters (1)

Chatsiou, K. and Mikhaylov, SJ., (2020). Deep Learning for Political Science. In: The SAGE Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations. Editors: Curini, L. and Franzese, R., . SAGE Publications Ltd. 1053- 1078. 9781526459930

Conferences (3)

Chatsiou, A., On the status of Resumptive Pronouns in Restrictive Relative Clauses

Skoufaki, S., Petric, B. and Chatsiou, K., (2017). British Students’ knowledge of polysemous academic English vocabulary

Chatsiou, A., (2009). Implementing a fragment of Modern Greek Grammar, using the Xerox Linguistics Environment (XLE)

Reports and Papers (10)

Chatsiou, K., Athanasiou, A. and Tingay, K., Persistently identifying Administrative data

Reinhardt, G. and Chatsiou, K., Analysis of Accidental Dwelling Fires in Essex (2009-2017)

Reinhardt, G., Chatsiou, A. and Ridler, L., (2017). Financial Benefits Review: Transformation Challenge Award programme, Essex County Council

Reinhardt, G., Chatsiou, A. and Ridler, L., (2017). Options Paper, Transformation Challenge Award (TCA) Programme Evaluation

Reinhardt, G. and Chatsiou, A., (2017). Parish Safety Volunteer Programme: Evaluation

Chatsiou, K., Bondy, V., Doyle, M., Sena, V. and Sunkin, M., (2017). Data Sources for Administrative Justice Research: a Preliminary Scoping Report (2017)

Reinhardt, GY. and Chatsiou, K., (2017). Parish Safety Volunteer Visits Evaluation: a Summary of findings from quantitative analysis of fire incident, police incident, House Safety Visit and Parish Safety Volunteer Visit data.

Reinhardt, GY. and Chatsiou, K., (2017). Transformation Challenge Award (TCA) Programme Evaluation Options Paper

Chatsiou, K., Sanderson, J. and Greci, C., (2015). Ethics and administrative data – guidance for researchers and ethics panels.

Reinhardt, G. and Chatsiou, A., (2010). Evaluating the Essex Data Programme: Data Collection and Data Management Plan

Thesis dissertation (1)

Chatsiou, K., (2010). An LFG approach to Modern Greek Relative Clauses

Grants and funding


Ecosystem services from restoration of European flat oysters

University of Essex

Evaluation project to help Essex County Council and its Dementia Challenge finalists prepare evaluation plans for the business cases they will submit to ECC as part of the Challenge.

Essex County Council



2N2.5B.12, Colchester Campus

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