Angela Burgess

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Language and Linguistics
Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Language and Linguistics
 Angela Burgess


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  • Language and Linguistics Babylab
  • Module LG115 - Child Language Development
  • Child language acquisition
  • Phonological development
  • Infant Speech perception
  • Word Segmentation
  • Infant-directed speech
  • Other research interests: Child language disorders such as Specific language impairment, Autism, Cochlear implant users)


I am currently a second year PhD student. I am a GTA for LG115. I am a member of the LangUE conference committee. I am a member of the ICIS (International Congress of Infant Studies).


  • BA English Language, Language Acquisition and Language Disorders University of Essex (2017)

  • MSc Language and the Brain University of Essex (2018)

  • CADENZA Associate Fellow (AFHEA) of the Higher Education Academy University of Essex (2019)

Research and professional activities


Which exaggerated Infant-directed speech (IDS) cues do British-English learning infants attend to more, to segment fluent speech?

A word learning study to investigate how typical developing children segment words from a speech stream. The focus is on a particular speech register used to address babies known as infant-directed speech (IDS) and is known to have different acoustic properties from adult-directed speech (ADS). Thus, the aim of this study is to investigate which exaggerated IDS cues do 8 to 10.5-month-old British infants use to boost word segmentation using eye tracking technology.

Supervisor: Dr Claire Delle Luche , Dr Laurel Lawyer



Colchester Campus