Dr Varda Bondy

Visiting Fellow
School of Law
Dr Varda Bondy



Varda qualified as a solicitor (1987) and practised as a legal aid lawyer specialising in Housing and Public Law until 2001 when she obtained her LLM in Human Rights Law (LSE) and joined the Public Law Project (an independent, national legal charity which aims to improve access to public law remedies) as a researcher.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Varda specialises in empirical research on judicial review, ADR and administrative justice. She is currently completing a comprehensive empirical research project on the Effects and Value of Judicial Review with Professor Maurice Sunkin.


Journal articles (3)

Sunkin, M. and Bondy, V., (2009). Settlement in Judicial Review proceedings. Public Law. 2009, 237-259

Bondy, V. and Sunkin, M., (2009). The Use of Statistics in Proposing Reforms to the Public Funding of Judicial Review Litigation: A Critical View. Judicial Review. 14 (4), 372-379

Sunkin, M. and Bondy, V., (2008). Accessing Judicial Review. Public Law. 2008, 647-667

Books (2)

Bondy, V., Platt, L. and Sunkin, M., (2015). The Value and Effects of Judicial Review: The Nature of Claims, their Outcomes and Consequences. Public Law Project. 9781898421160

Bondy, V. and Sunkin, M., (2009). The Dynamics of Judicial Review Litigation: The resolution of public law challenges before final hearing. Public Law Project

Book chapters (1)

Sunkin, M. and Bondy, V., (2016). The Use and Effects of Judicial Review: Assumptions and the Empirical Evidence. In: Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance. Editors: Bell, J., Elliott, M., Varuhas, JNE. and Murray, P., . Hart Publishing. 9781849469913

Reports and Papers (4)

Doyle, MT., Bondy, V. and Hirst, C., (2014). The use of informal resolution approaches by ombudsmen in the UK and Ireland: A mapping study

Le Sueur, A. and Bondy, V., (2012). Designing Redress: A Study About Grievances Against Public Bodies

Bondy, V. and Doyle, M., (2011). Mediation in Judicial Review: A practical handbook for lawyers

Bondy, V., Mulcahy, L., Doyle, M. and Reid, V., (2009). Mediation and Judicial Review: An empirical research study



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