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I am a sociologist of everyday life. I study how we can spend more of our time living. I am particularly interested in how structural inequalities can be addressed through socially responsible time use policies. My research interests focus on migration, sociotemporal disparities in well-being, eco-social determinants of health, and social demography.  My work has been funded by the UKRI's Economic and Social Research Council, National Science Foundation, United States Agency for International Development, UC Berkeley's Canadian Studies Program, UC Berkeley's Social Sciences Data Laboratory, and by the Soros Fellowship for New Americans. I have collaborated with the Colchester Borough Council, the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society, Eurofound, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative. When not pondering the minutia of time, I love traveling (preferably by motorcycle, boat, or train), photography (especially ephemeral street art), painting (mainly acrylic), studying internal martial arts (perpetual beginner in chen style tai chi, bagua, hsing-i), binge watching time travel movies (I know... just when you were starting to like me... well, no one's perfect) and playing my handpan and didgeridoos.


  • PhD Sociology & Demography University of California, Berkeley, (2021)

  • MA Sociology University of California, Berkeley, (2018)

  • MA Demography University of California, Berkeley, (2015)

  • BA Sociology University of Colorado Boulder, (2012)


University of Essex

  • Employability Development Co-Director, Sociology, University of Essex (1/9/2022 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests


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Social Networks

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Ethnicity and Race

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Medical Sociology

Open to supervise

Life Course

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Time Use and Sociotemporal Disparities

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Conferences and presentations

The Surprising Links Between Downtime and Well-Being

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Green Sabbath, Universität Potsdam, Germany, 16/1/2023

A Journey Toward Community-driven Adaptation & Mitigation

Invited presentation, 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Boroka Bo, 12/11/2022

Building with Nature for Ecosystem-Based Coastal Defence & Economic Resiliency

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Colchester Borough Council’s Environment and Sustainability Panel, Colchester, 10/11/2022

Socioeconomic Status, Time Scarcity and Well-Being in Retirement

Canadian Sociological Association, Edmonton, Canada, 1/1/2021

The Cultural Schemas and Temporal (Un)Knowns of Fatherhood

Invited presentation, Department of Demography Invited Talk Series, Berkeley, United States, 2021

Retiree Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canadian Sociological Association, Edmonton, Canada, 1/1/2021

Social Psychology of Time, Space, and Social Context

Pacific Sociological Association, 1/1/2021

From Micro-Level Experiences to Macrostructural Encounters: Retiree Socioeconomic Status and the Socioemotional Experience of Pandemic Time

IV ISA Forum of Sociology. Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2021

Good Time, Bad Time: The Cultural Repertoires of Time Scarcity in Retirement

American Sociological Association, 1/1/2020

Beyond the Time Bind: Gender Inequality and the Tempo of Life in 87 Countries

International Association for Time Use Research, 1/11/2019

Bridging Gaps to Create Inclusive Societies

Invited presentation, 24/11/2018

Examining Residential Ethnic Segregation and Health: Considerations of Time Poverty and Physical Space

Population Association of America, 9/5/2018

Contextualizing Discrimination and the Internalization of Stereotypes through Socioeconomic and Demographic Processes

IUSSP, 15/11/2017

Identifying and Engaging with Hidden Populations through the use of 'Big Data', Demographic Forecasting Techniques and Qualitative Methods

Population Association of America, 26/5/2016

Opportunities and Constraints: A Situation Analysis with Area Based Socioeconomic and Demographic Measures of the Hungarian Roma Refugees of Toronto

Invited presentation, Munk School of Global Affairs, Toronto, Canada, 18/11/2015

Residential Proximity of Migrant Children and Intergenerational Temporal Support Exchanges in Romania

Population Association of America, 22/5/2014

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Researching Social Life I (SC101)

  • The Sociological Imagination (SC111)

  • Social Psychology (Sociology): Self and Interaction (SC213)


Journal articles (7)

Bo, B., (2022). Time Availability as a Mediator between Socioeconomic Status and Health. Social Science and Medicine – Population Health. 19, 101238-101238

Bó, BB. and Dukhovnov, D., (2022). Tell me who's your neighbour and I'll tell you how much time you've got: The spatiotemporal consequences of residential segregation. Population, Space and Place. 28 (7), e2561-

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Bó, BB., (2020). Beyond the time bind: Gender inequality and the tempo of life in 87 countries. Time & Society. 29 (3), 892-915

Bó, B., Zimmer, Z. and Rada, C., (2020). The structure and determinants of intergenerational support exchange flows in an eastern European setting. Research on aging. 42 (9-10), 262-271

Bó, BB., (2019). Structure versus agency: a cross-national examination of discrimination and the internalization of negative stereotypes. European Societies. 21 (3), 327-355

Bo, B., (2014). "Fragmented Histories, Fragmented Selves: Body Weight Preoccupation among Women in Post-Communist Romania". Journal of International Women's Studies. 15 (2), 33-45

Book chapters (1)

Wilkins, AC., Mollborn, S. and Bó, B., (2014). Constructing difference. In: Handbook of the social psychology of inequality. Springer. 125- 154. 9789401790017

Other (3)

Bo, B., (2022).How to spend time wisely – what young people can learn from retirees

Bo, B., (2022).Building with Nature: Oyster Reefs for Coastal Protection

Bò, B., (2009).Caviar. The Iowa Review. 39(1),Department of English and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at The …

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