We welcome Northwest Masters students

  • Date

    Thu 12 Dec 19

Visiting NWU students

This term we have been delighted to host some visiting Chinese Masters students from Northwest University (NWU) in Xian.

As part of a wider partnership between Essex and NWU, the students have been at Essex for three months to carry out research in the areas of electronic engineering, data analysis and computer graphics, in support of their Master degree programmes in China.

These students are the first cohort to visit from NWU, since the start of our collaborative relationship and we hope this will be the start of continued growing research collaboration between the two institutions in the future.

Two more students will come in January for three months, to work with our Brain-Computer Interface and Neural Engineering Research Group within the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE).

The agreement between the two universities includes a prestigious joint four-year programme, where successful students will be awarded a BSc in Electronic Systems Engineering from Essex and a BSc in Electronic Information Science and Technology from Northwest. A dozen of these students are planning to visit Essex in February.

Professor Anthony Vickers, Head of CSEE, said: "It has been really nice to have the NWU Masters students visit us. They have all worked well and added value to our community. One of the students has worked in our optoelectronics laboratory and has undertaken such careful work, we have data that will lead to a publication."